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Lindsay Bell

Lindsay Bell's Blogs

As the CEO of Techwell, Lindsay has been responsible for the growth and development of the business and all of the people working in it.


He spends a lot of time reading books and blogs or listening to audiobooks and podcasts on leadership and self development; He exercises the learning taken from the resources in his work life and personal life every day.


As a result of this, Lindsay really has become the subject matter expert on all things people leadership and business strategy. Have a look at some of the blogs Lindsay has written, and see if there are any pieces of gold you could implement, to move your business forward today.

Cyber Security Audit

Why you need to carry out a cybersecurity audit

Cyberattacks aren’t slowing down, and they’re putting the brakes on digital transformation for organisations of all sizes. Advanced phishing attacks using artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content, ransomware targeting small to medium-sized businesses, and state-sponsored attacks aimed at critical infrastructure are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated. The rise of cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) devices…

CyberGRX Essential Eight

Techwell achieves CyberGRX Essential Eight Maturity Level Three validation

At Techwell, we prioritise cybersecurity and are excited to announce that we’ve achieved CyberGRX Essential Eight Maturity Level Three validation. The process involved a thorough assessment of our controls to ensure they meet the highest standards, resulting in stronger defences that give our clients peace of mind. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) created the…

Device Lifecycle

Why sustainable device lifecycle management is the first step in smart e-waste management

We live in a world where technology is at the heart of everything we do, from firing off a quick email to orchestrating entire virtual conferences. This makes devices such as smartphones and laptops essential, but they don’t last forever. As these devices reach the end of their useful life, they contribute to a growing…

Disaster Recovery

Can your business afford to ignore disaster recovery?

How well would your business cope with an unexpected disaster? If your business—like so many others—depends on IT systems for everyday operations, you are vulnerable to a range of disruptions, from cyberattacks to natural disasters. Businesses that rely on digital processes must prepare for potential disruptions, which can range from data breaches to complete system…

Offsite Data Backup

Why offsite data backup is crucial for business resilience

Data drives decisions, strategies, and, ultimately, the success of businesses across all sectors. However, the digital world is full of risks. From cyberattacks and technical failures to natural disasters, there’s a lot that can go wrong and jeopardise the integrity and availability of your critical business data. For example, a technical glitch in a hospital’s…

Managed Endpoint Detection and Security

The importance of managed endpoint detection and response (EDR)

As the digital world grows, so do the threats within it. Because of this, traditional antivirus solutions have transformed into sophisticated endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems. EDR solutions, including platforms like Check Point Harmony Endpoint, provide an enhanced level of protection against a broad spectrum of cyber threats through the use of advanced technologies….

Why you Need Checkpoint

Why your business needs Check Point Harmony for endpoint and cloud security

Why risk your business’s security when you can protect it easily against endpoint and cloud security threats? Ransomware, phishing, and malware attacks pose a serious threat to your remote or hybrid workforce and the integrity of your email communications. But what if there was a solution that could anticipate these threats and actively protect your…

Microsoft Copilot Readiness Checklist

Checklist: Leverage the most powerful productivity tool with our Microsoft Copilot readiness checklist

Microsoft Copilot is transforming workplace productivity through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and seamlessly integrating with popular Microsoft 365 applications to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency. However, to leverage the benefits of Microsoft Copilot, it’s crucial to establish a robust IT foundation to ensure your employees can’t access confidential information through Copilot’s powerful query capabilities,…

Microsoft Copilot

What does Microsoft Copilot do and how can it help your business?

Microsoft Copilot is an innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite and designed to significantly enhance productivity and creativity across various applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Copilot turns natural language into a powerful interface for accomplishing tasks more efficiently and creatively by leveraging the capabilities of large…

Wearable Safety

Why wearable devices enhance workplace safety in hazardous environments

Businesses are always looking for new ways to keep their employees safe, especially those working in dangerous settings. Wearable devices, part of the Wearable Internet of Things (WIoT), are revolutionising how businesses approach occupational health and safety. These devices range from smartwatches to exoskeletons and provide real-time monitoring of workers’ vital signs, movements, and environmental…

Mobility Project Management

Outsourcing your mobility projects to a trusted partner (rather than doing them in-house)

The integration and management of mobile devices and networks within an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure is supposed to make things smoother for everyone involved. Be it in streamlining organisational workflows, boosting employee performance, or stepping up customer service. It often becomes a complex task that can result in service interruptions, decreased productivity, and a strain…

7 steps for successful cloud migration

Seven steps for a successful cloud migration

Cloud migration, the process of transferring a company’s digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications to the cloud, offers numerous benefits but is not without challenges. Businesses gravitate towards cloud migration for its potential to optimise costs, improve scalability and flexibility, and drive innovation and resilience. Diverse pricing models make it accessible for various…

Why CIOs are turning to MSPs

The role of CIOs in modern business operations and why they’re turning to MSPs for help

The role of the chief information officer (CIOs) in modern business operations has significantly evolved since its inception nearly 40 years ago. OrigiPreview Changes (opens in a new tab)nally focused on cost-effective management of IT systems, CIOs now play a crucial role in driving business transformation and strategy. Modern CIOs need a blend of personal…

Cybersecurity providers

Why a single point of contact is critical for your cybersecurity solution

New attacks are constantly being released into the wild and wreaking havoc on businesses of all sizes. Every day, there’s a headline about a new cyberattack, a sophisticated malware strain, or a massive data breach. With this relentless onslaught of threats, how businesses approach cybersecurity becomes critical. However, to beef up their defences, many businesses…

A sustainable and secure approach to end-of-life device management

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and a timely reminder of how important security is in our digital world. From accessing emails to conducting virtual meetings, mobile devices have transformed the way enterprises operate. However, the lifespan of these devices is limited, so we need to be sure they’re safely and responsibly handled during the disposal…

Is your MSP right for you?

Run this checklist when you’re looking for your IT provider

As businesses scale and adapt to technological advancements, the decision to partner with a managed service provider (MSP) is an investment in your company’s future. An MSP serves as an extension of your internal team, providing key IT capabilities from cloud management to cybersecurity. As you evaluate potential MSPs, it’s critical to keep your business…

microsoft teams calling

Westpac Switches from Phone Systems to Microsoft Teams Calling

Westpac has become the first bank in Australia to replace their PABX and dedicated VoIP systems with Microsoft Teams Calling. Over 5000 branch office staff have been provided with iPhones in addition to the Microsoft Teams Calling application. The deployment was completed in August 2021 and fully operational across Westpac’s 840 branches. Westpac are Australia’s…

scam text message on phone

Scam Text Messages: What Are They & How to Stop Them

Why you’re being inundated with so many scam messages? Australia is rife with conversation about the inundation of scam text messages we have all experienced recently; but why is it happening, and what you can do about it? Some scam text messages are easy to spot, with terrible typos and spelling or obviously fake website…

facebook error message

Facebook Outage: Technology is Fundamental to the Operation of Most Businesses

The Event Panic struck billions of people on Monday as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all went down at the same time. One thing became very clear, very quickly – the world really relies on these services and the technology industry in general. In a matter of minutes, Facebook had completely disappeared from the internet and…


The Impact of the Work Environment Due to COVID-19

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed so many things, for so many people, in such a small amount of time. Here in Australia, it has exponentially changed the way we work, how we work and where we work. This has come as a shock to some businesses who were unprepared for employees to have…


Why choose the NEC SL2100 phone system for your business

As a small business, it can often be hard to know what technology is best for your business. At Techwell we have installed and service over 5000 phone systems for local small businesses. With many years in the industry, we’ve seen a common trend and that is small businesses need a phone system that is…


What types of video can I create for my business?

What types of video can I create for my business?   Video is a marketing powerhouse for businesses because it supercharges your ability to increase your visibility in search engines, as well as your conversion rate of website visitors. But being comfortable with the need to incorporate video into your marketing strategy is one thing,…


Why aren’t you advertising through Video?

Top 5 Reasons why video is a good investment for small business   By 2019, 80% of internet consumption will be video content. If this isn’t enough reason as to why you should be utilising video in your business, whether promoting a product or service, educational or training style content, take a look at some…


Office communications: phone systems, video conferencing solutions and more

There’s no doubt technology changes at a rapid rate, and there are an ever-changing plethora of office communications technologies available. So much so it can be a jungle when it comes to determining which solutions are vital for the evolution of a business and which solutions can be left on the novelty shelf. However, with…


9 easy ways your business can reduce printing costs

Most small to medium-sized businesses would agree printing devices play an essential role in the way their organisation operates. This is despite the often high costs of owning and operating a printer can have, an exceptionally high concern to smaller businesses. Well, it turns out many companies are spending more than they need to on printing…


Your business and digital disruption – thriving in cyberspace

The Thriving in Cyberspace business breakfast held at The Hopewell Center featured guest speakers and experts in their fields, Dr Timo Dietrich and Russell Cook, who discussed digital disruption and what it means to businesses. They explained how technology is driving change, and aimed to inspire companies to embrace its enabling role in finding solutions…


Why You Should Rent Your Next Phone System

It is important to make several considerations when replacing or upgrading business phone systems. The number one issue (especially for small to medium-sized businesses) is how they will fit the new technology into their budget. Apart from being a significant upfront expense, buying a phone system is also a huge commitment which doesn’t allow for…


Business Growth Isn’t All About The Size Of A Business

To a layperson, business growth is defined by the size of the business, i.e. how many sites and staff the company has. At Techwell however, we’re a little bit different. We believe that to define business growth, one must first determine their definition of success.


Businesses Need to Get Smarter When Investing in Tech

Shahid M Shahiduzzaman, Queensland University of Technology ; Marek Kowalkiewicz, Queensland University of Technology , and Rowena Barrett, Queensland University of Technology Business managers have a poor understanding of what technology to invest in and how to use it. Technology use alone doesn’t lead to growth in a business but simple technology focused on solving…


B1G1 – How to change the life of a Cambodian girl

A recent UNICEF study found 35% of the 15,000 prostitutes in Cambodia are children under the age of 16.


Digital Marketing Strategy – Your Website Is Your Shop Front

Having an up-to-date website is essential to any digital marketing strategy. Your online presence is your shop front. It needs to look good otherwise people will turn away just as if they were walking past an old run-down shop in the street.


Perfect Your Digital Marketing Strategy

At Techwell, we know discovering your ideal customers is the very first step towards perfecting your digital marketing strategy. Most businesses today know the importance of marketing in this new digital era, but too many are stuck in their old ways and are yet to make the transition.


4 Reasons Why Embracing New Tech Can Transform Your Business

We live in a world where a drone can deliver your latest online purchase, Google cars can drive themselves, and we are using 3D printers to create almost anything. We are digitally transforming at such a rapid rate that if you blink you’ll miss so much.


Is My Phone System Compatible With The NBN?

Have you recently received a call from a salesperson informing you that your phone system is not compatible with the new NBN network? Or that your current services will cease to exist once copper services have been cut off?


Effective Vs Efficient – World of Opportunity with Technology

Time is non-refundable and should be used with intention. As most of us spend eight out of a definite 24 hours a day at work, it is in the best interest of businesses and workers alike to utilise the limited time they are given. Sure, most of us are effective at what we do, but…


Bring Your Business into 2017

I recently met a millennial, named Mark, who had decided to step into the world of small business. He decided to buy a packaging business off a retiring baby-boomer. While the company had seen many profitable years, recent economic conditions and a failure to keep up with digital marketing trends resulted in the business being…


Why Your Old Website Design Is Losing You Business

First impressions count. We all know that.


Our 5 key tips for renting, leasing and buying a new photocopier for your business

Renting or buying a photocopier can be a big decision for any business. Rentals pose a much smaller monthly outlay while an outright purchase involves letting go of a decent amount of capital.


Launch your business into the digital era

Einstein said the definition of insanity is to attempt the same task and expect different results.


Why video content should be a major part of your marketing strategy

If you haven’t noticed the massive increase in video content advertising on social media you either haven’t yet gotten on the Facebook train or you could be living under a rock. With Google predicting that 95% of internet traffic in 2018 will come from video, it’s time for small businesses to get serious about creating…


Making Technology Work For You

Replacing an ageing phone system with the latest technology can help your business simplify and streamline many operations in the office. The feature rich NEC phone systems can give your business access to features that may not have been available in your old phone system. The following is some of the time and cost saving…


If content is King, video is the Emperor

In today’s technological environment content is king. Here at Techwell we always discuss digital videos when talking to our customers. With over 70% of the world’s internet traffic being video it’s time you understood what videos can do for your business.


Perception Vs Reality – Tips for representing your brand in the digital space

Dale Stonelake, Business Development Manager discusses the importance of your digital marketing being a true reflection of your business.


Digital Marketing – Your Secret Weapon In 2017!

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. With people spending double the amount of time on the internet than they did 12 years ago, there’s no doubting…


Digital Marketing – your secret weapon!!

Rhiannon Brown, Digital Marketing Specialist has some hot tips and tricks for where to start with a digital marketing strategy.

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