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Phone Systems

Traditional Phone Systems

Whilst a lot of businesses are moving their office phone solutions to the cloud, there are still many that prefer to use traditional landline phone systems. A traditional phone system is physically installed on site using copper phone lines. Using a traditional phone system, users can make and receive calls outside of the office using outside lines, and make and transfer calls within the office space.

The Benefits of Traditional Phone System


  • They are not network dependent: Be available to take calls in the event that the internet, or phone networks go down


  • They're simple to use: Call transferring, putting customers on hold or intercom is simple and straightforward


  • Well established, reliable technology: Traditional phone systems have been around for a long time, so the technology is well developed and dependable


  • No additional capital outlay: Pay your phone system off over a period of time, with no upfront costs


  • Easy to train: A traditional phone system is less complex that a cloud based system, meaning that training it out to your workforce is a lot faster and easier.


  • Keep your advertised business phone numbers: Some cloud based phone systems cannot support your current business phone number, whereas a traditional phone system can support most, if not all current phone numbers.


  • Quick to deploy: In most cases, we could have your new phone system up and running within 2-3 weeks. A lot of cloud solutions take longer to deploy.


  •  Better voice quality: A traditional phone system doesn't rely on internet connection for calls, meaning that voice quality tends to be of a higher quality.


  • Traditional incoming call identification: A traditional phone system rings out loud, whereas a cloud phone system rings silently on the desktop, so calls could easily be missed.


  •  Supports cordless headsets: Use most standard cordless headsets with a traditional phone system, rather than relying on bluetooth or auxiliary connectivity



Why choose Techwell?

We began our IT journey in 2007 when traditional phone systems
were the only solution for office communications, and since then
we have installed over 10,000 phone systems across South East


As LG and NEC partners, our phone systems are top of the range,
premium products and our technicians are experts when it comes
to the delivery and installation.


Our Business Technology Advisors will guide you through the
whole process and beyond, at a pace that you are most
comfortable with. They will be on hand and available to you long
after your installation is complete, and will continue to keep you up to date with all of the latest news in the world of technology.

How-To Guides

NEC SL2100 Programming a one-touch button

NEC SL2100 | Programming a one-touch button

Programming a one-touch (pre-programmed hotkey) is really simple with your NEC SL2100. Our video will show you how. Get in touch with the team at Techwell if you need any further help.

NEC SL2100 Increasing ring and speak volume

NEC SL2100 | Increasing ring and speak volume

Increasing your ring and speak volume is really simple on your NEC SL2100 phone system. This quick video will show you how.

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