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VoIP &
Cloud Telephony

What is VoIP?

Put simply, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a way to make your
voice calls over broadband internet, rather than through a traditional,
analog connection.


More and more businesses are moving their office communications to
VoIP based setups and there are a plethora of reasons why. Read on to
learn more.

Why should I switch my fixed phone system to VoIP?

In the age of a remote workforce, VoIP is an incredibly versatile solution for small businesses. Phone lines can be used from anywhere in the world and calls can be seamlessly transferred from the office phone to your mobile.


Use the same phone number in the office and on the go

VoIP technology routes all of your calls through the internet, meaning you can make and receive business calls on a physical phone in your office, through an app on your smartphone, or from your laptop while you're on a train.


Multiple ways to call

Whether you are voice calling, video calling, conference calling, or even SMS messaging, VoIP seamlessly integrates your communications from one single application, keeping your business connected.


Manage your users

Adding or removing users is made incredibly easy with a VoIP connection. Assign a user account with the press of a button. Your existing phone numbers can be ported in, or have a new phone number created ready to be used right away.


Ready to go in minutes

A VoIP phone service is simple to set up. Simply log in to the software, and start making calls immediately.


Multiple lines on one phone

A VoIP connection allows you to have multiple phone 'lines' on a single phone. Route calls seamlessly to active phone lines, or transfer calls to other devices on the same


No Expiry

Physical desk phones are costly and age very quickly. A VoIP connection never ages - just a quick software upgrade and you will be operating with the newest tech developments in no time.



Scalability is limited only by the strength of your internet connection.



Complete flexibility. Make and receive calls from any internet enabled device, seamlessly transfer calls between devices, from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Telephony vs Traditional Line


Make and receive calls on any internet enabled device, from anywhere in the world.


Your calls are restricted to traditional desk phones, from the one building.

Why Choose Techwell for VoIP & Cloud?

At Techwell, we are always led by our values of 'Trust and Integrity' and 'Professionalism', therefore our team will only work with products and services that they completely trust and believe in.


It is because of our values, that we spend a lot of time carefully researching and curating each product before we decide whether we want to offer it.


Our selective and cautious approach to adding new products to our collection, means that what we do offer, really is best in class.


Just as we would never go to market with a product that we didn't believe in, we would equally never go to market without thoroughly knowing and understanding every product in depth. As a result of this diligent and detailed approach, every single team in our business truly are subject matter experts.


When it comes to VoIP, we believe that the combination of the Telstra network and our premium Cloud based phone system offerings, is the perfect solution for any business that is interested in moving their business forward.

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