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Mobile Security Gold Coast


Why is mobile security so important?

Since 2020, the modern workplace has completely transformed, with more remote workers than ever before. This dramatic shift has created a lot of opportunities for businesses and their employees, but it has also created a lot of opportunities for cybercriminals. With employees using their mobile devices to access corporate data almost daily, the threat of a data breach is higher than ever.


So what can we do to protect ourselves, our business, our people and our customers? At Techwell, we believe that Harmony Mobile is the very best in mobile threat defense, securing your employees' mobile devices across all apps, networks and operating systems.


Harmony Mobile perfectly fits into your existing mobile environment. It can be deployed quickly, scales seamlessly and protects all mobile devices with zero impact to user experience and personal privacy.


Harmony Mobile

One of the biggest issues we see almost everyday is people believing that mobile security is optional. With employees constantly using their mobile devices to access corporate data, mobile security is essential in keeping data protected and managed.


Harmony Mobile provides advanced protection for all kinds of  mobile threats. Their innovative zero-touch deployment means that organisations can easily scale their devices from zero to tens of thousands.


Harmony mobile supports all mobile workforces, it's simple to deploy and adopt, and provides end-to-end threat protection without impacting user privacy.

Harmony Mobile is brought to you by Check Point, who are the market leaders when it comes to unified security solutions.


With Harmony mobile, you can rest assured that all user data and corporate data will remain completely private; your files, browser histories, application data are not analysed and zero personal information is ever collected or analysed.


The solution anonymizes the data it uses for analysis in order to keep you and your device protected. It uses state and context metadata from operating systems, apps, and networks to determine if a device is compromised.


Your employees are kept in the loop with detailed threat real-time notifications and weekly summaries.

What does Harmony Mobile do?

● Detects and blocks the download of malicious apps in real-time
● Runs apps in a cloud based environment to determine if an app is malicious
● Blocks phishing attacks across all apps
● Blocks access to malicious sites
● Blocks infected devices from accessing applications and data
● Detects bot-infected devices and automatically blocks the communication
● Preventing access to any website deemed inappropriate
● Administrators can manage and control all mobile device's DNS preferences
● Detects malicious network behavior and automatically disables connections to malicious networks
● Ensures devices are not exposed to compromise with real-time risk assessments


Complete Protection

Protect business data on all mobile devices


Simple Management

Scalable and easy to manage security for all
mobile workforces


User Friendly

Quick user adoption and zero impact on user
experience or privacy

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