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Data &
IP Solutions

When it comes to getting your business connected to the internet, we strongly believe that if you want a reliable, trustworthy, fast connection, there is only one option; That's why we exclusively deliver Telstra Data and IP Solutions to all of our customers.

Why Telstra?

We have been a Telstra Enterprise partner since 2007. As ICT professionals we want to deliver the best 'whole of business' solution to our business customers, and we know that a great ICT set up starts with a good internet connection. As Australia's leading network
carrier, we believe that Telstra is the only internet provider for businesses.


More Reliable

Connectivity that supports large file transfers, voice and video calls.



A consistent, quality experience, helping you stay connected with your staff and customers.


Faster Speeds

Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps to keep your business moving in the moments that matter.

Why should I choose Techwell?

Have you ever called your service provider with a fault, only to be told that you actually needed to call a different department, to be then told that this department can't help? Did you then hang up the phone feeling even more confused, frustrated and angry than when you identified the fault?


If this sounds familiar, you might want to consider using a Managed Service Provider who will handle all of those calls for you.


Don't waste your time sitting on hold, we have a local dedicated team of specialists who are trained and ready to jump to action as soon as there is a problem.


We become your very own ICT department, so that you can leave all of your issues with us and trust that we have you covered. Our comprehensive system monitoring means that it's likely that we will have detected the problem before you, and are already working on the resolution.


All you need to do is to focus on your business.

More About Data & IP Solutions


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