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What are the major impacts of the NBN for my business?

Since the introduction of the nbn™ to the Australian business and consumer markets, there has been mixed reports on the service. Over time we have seen a steady increase in the performance of the network. But a big factor is being prepared or preparing properly for the nbn connection to your business.


What do you need to do to prepare for the nbn?

All businesses should be in contact with their service providers before the cut-off date to place your orders for your nbn migration. Quite often we see businesses leaving their change over to the last minute, not realising the connection time for nbn. Unfortunately we have also seen businesses lose connection to their services as a result of this.

At Techwell we’ve been advising our customers to act sooner rather than later. The more time you have to plan the better the outcome and the more control we have over any unforeseen circumstances like delays in order or losing access to your services.


Could your business run without the internet?

This is a very simple question to every business, could you operate without the internet? The answer is not successfully. All businesses in one format or another need the internet for their day-to-day business activities. Without the internet your business basically stops.

  • No banking
  • No ordering
  • No customers
  • No business


Be careful of so-called ‘experts’

There are a number of so called experts out in the market. Stay with trusted advisors that are specialist in their field. Converting to the nbn is not rocket science, there are a couple of basic rules to keep.

  • Discuss with your current supplier your options
  • Stay with providing organisations, such as Telstra
  • If it is too good to be true, it generally is

Remember to ask questions. If you move over to the nbn on an internet package based on what you currently are receiving, you will get the same on the nbn. Make sure you discuss speed and bandwidth options.


What is the impact on your business if you do nothing?

In a number of areas, the close off date for migration to the nbn is reaching fast. So think about the impact of not doing anything will have on your business. You would have no business. So act now.

Take this opportunity to register for a free nbn consultation on what is required for your business to migrate to the NBN.

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