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Wi-Fi is an integral component to the operation of most businesses, and whilst you would be hard pressed to find a router that did not have Wi-Fi capability, there is a lot that you should consider when looking for a good Wi-Fi solution. 

Why you should consider having your Wi-Fi installed by a specialist

It might be time to consider a professional Wi-Fi solution if: 


  • You have been experiencing Wi-Fi dropouts,
  • You have noticed problems with your internet signal
  • You’ve noticed latency with you internet connection
  • There are places in your workplace where there is no internet signal at all
  • Your office is growing in size
  • You are concerned with the security of your router
  • You are interested in understanding how your employees are using their internet
  • You are interested in bandwidth portioning

Can your business operate without internet access?

For most businesses, a poor internet signal can lead to loss of productivity, or in some cases prevent employees from even being able to work at all.


It's very important to us that we provide the right solution for our customers, and that every single element has been taken into consideration. That's why before we build any proposal, our technicians will visit you on site to conduct a full audit where they will scope out your property taking into consideration.


  • Office Size
  • Building Materials
  • Router placement
  • Access point requirements
  • Signal strength
  • Scalability
  • Security requirements


Our comprehensive scoping process is what sets us apart from our competitors. It ensures that your solution fits your very unique requirement, and allows us to deploy your solution faster and more efficiently.


For whatever Wi-Fi solution we create, our Managed IT Services include the ongoing monitoring and support of your routers, ensuring that your business is not susceptible to any malicious attacks.

Wi-Fi as a marketing tool

An estimated of 82% consumers use their phones while shopping - this creates a huge opportunity for retail businesses to use their Wi-Fi networks as a marketing tool. 


By offering your guests free Wi-Fi, the benefits you gain as a business can be huge. 


Your customers are more likely to stay in your business longer

60% of businesses are reported to have said that when they started offering free Wi-Fi, their customers started to spend more time in their store.


Your customers are more likely to spend more money with you

A reported 50% of customers spend more
money in an establishment that offers free


A reported 50% of customers spend more money in an establishment that offers free Wi-Fi.

50% of customers feel more confident to
make larger purchases when free Wi-Fi is


It gives you access to information about your customers movements and habits

It gives you access to information about
your customers movements and habits


Build more meaningful relationships with your customers

Use the customer data you have collected to send specific and targeted marketing campaigns.


Build your brand with the help of your customers

Ask your customers to follow you on Facebook, leave a Google review, share a social media post and more, before they can gain access to your free Wi-Fi


When it comes to Wi-Fi marketing software, at Techwell we trust and exclusively sell just one product, So-WiFi. 


So-WiFi is a safe, secure and simple to use platform, enabling you to: 


  • Collect and store customer information 
  • Boost your social media presence 
  • Increase your Google Review score
  • Track your customers foot traffic and shopping patterns 
  • Review analytics via the dashboard 
  • Push customers to your website or landing pages 
  • Keep in touch with your customers by sending them birthday wishes, vouchers or newsletters 


Whether your business will benefit from Wi-Fi marketing or not really comes down to your own creativity, but in general the types of businesses we would most recommend Wi-Fi marketing to are:


Cafes/ Restaurants










Wellbeing centres


Shopping Centres




Retail Stores



Is it a risk to open up our Wi-Fi networks to the public?

Opening up your network to the public might sound scary in the age of rampant Cyber Crime, but as long as you have a secure router and a layered security plan, your business will be safe.


As partners of both Checkpoint and Cisco Meraki, we believe that they are the most premium, secure and feature rich routers.

How can I get started?

Get in touch with us today, and one of our Business Technology Advisors will guide you through the best solution for your business; working with you at a pace that you're comfortable with, providing insights, training and ongoing support. 


Our technicians will visit your site to ensure that your routers are fully configured, placed in the optimal position within your workplace and most importantly, that they are completely secure. 

Once you are all set up, your dedicated Business Technology Advisor will remain in contact with you, to ensure that your solution is still working for you, and to keep you up to date with all of the latest tech news.

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