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With our ever-growing reliance on internet connections, it is worth considering for a moment that not all internet service providers are created equal. For many years now there have been internet services offered that vary widely in price and subsequently in service.

Cheaper, not better

Cheaper services often include DIY installs with data plans that will limit your throughput whenever you exceed your monthly allowance. These limits may be okay at home when you are trying to tame the voracious appetite of teenagers, however for business users this can be infuriating.

IP voice services

Internet services are now being used to deliver not just business data but also business telephone services as IP voice. IP voice services have stringent performance requirements concerning round trip delay from the customer to the service provider, and back again. The variation of the delay is often referred to as ‘jitter’ and is the biggest issue of all ‘packet loss’ (data not reaching its destination) due to congestion. Each of these issues have significant impacts on the overall quality of IP voice services.

Telstra Internet Direct

Telstra Internet Direct has long been a premium grade internet service that provides a direct connection to Telstra’s core internet backbone. It is worth noting that in early to mid-90’s the internet was a network that supported universities and research organisations, which is a far cry from what it is today. Back then Telstra was asked by the Universities to effectively ‘take over’, providing the critical backbone that delivered connectivity then and is still the leading provider of internet connectivity today.

Connecting to the internet through Telstra Internet Direct enables customers to connect using optical fibre services, where bandwidth is dedicated to the customer and Telstra’s network Points of Presence (PoP). Service connection speeds start at 50Mbps and scale to 1000Mbps with usage plans that include unlimited data consumption. This is ideal for businesses that have an ever-increasing demand for internet connectivity. With these direct dedicated bandwidth services, it is now possible to leverage Telstra’s new Business SIP service to deliver high-quality IP voice communication services.


The NBN offers Australia unprecedented opportunity for learning and business growth.  Telstra’s NBN based internet solutions offer businesses a choice of either shared or dedicated bandwidth options. Telstra Internet Direct, Ethernet on NBN provides the same dedicated bandwidth connectivity with symmetric (up and down) data throughput.

Alternatively, Telstra Business Broadband still offers the same reliable connectivity at broadband speeds on a shared bandwidth platform. Each of the service options in the broad family of Telstra Internet Direct service offerings can be tailored to meet the growing demands of all businesses large and small with an arrange of overlay services and products.

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