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CyberGRX Essential Eight

At Techwell, we prioritise cybersecurity and are excited to announce that we’ve achieved CyberGRX Essential Eight Maturity Level Three validation. The process involved a thorough assessment of our controls to ensure they meet the highest standards, resulting in stronger defences that give our clients peace of mind.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) created the Essential Eight framework to help organisations defend effectively (and proactively) against cyber threats. Here’s a quick overview of the eight key strategies:

  1. Application control: only let trusted applications run on your systems to prevent malware.
  2. Patch applications: regularly update applications to fix known vulnerabilities.
  3. Configure Microsoft Office macro settings: manage macros to prevent malicious code execution.
  4. User application hardening: secure web browsers and other applications against common attacks.
  5. Restrict administrative privileges: limit admin access to reduce the risk of compromised accounts.
  6. Patch operating systems: keep operating systems updated with the latest security patches.
  7. Multi-factor authentication (MFA): use multiple forms of authentication for added security.
  8. Regular backups: back up your data regularly and store it separately from your network for quick recovery after an incident.

The Essential Eight Maturity Model

The Essential Eight Maturity Model helps organisations implement these strategies based on their specific needs and risk levels. Here are the four maturity levels:

Maturity Level Zero

  • Baseline: minimal defences, making systems highly vulnerable.
  • Indicators: lack of formal cybersecurity policies, ad-hoc security measures, and no systematic approach to implementing security controls.
  • Risk: high likelihood of successful cyberattacks with potentially devastating impacts on data and systems.

Maturity Level One

  • Basic implementation: some Essential Eight strategies are in place but may be inconsistent. Suitable for businesses facing common, opportunistic attacks.
  • Indicators: initial steps taken towards implementing security controls, but execution is not comprehensive. Controls may be applied sporadically.
  • Risk: vulnerable to common attack methods like phishing, unpatched vulnerabilities, and basic malware.

Maturity Level Two

  • Consistent use: regularly maintained security controls to handle more advanced attacks.
  • Indicators: security controls are implemented consistently and regularly updated. There is a more structured approach to cybersecurity.
  • Risk: more resilient to advanced attacks but may still face challenges from sophisticated threat actors using tailored techniques.

Maturity Level Three (where we’re at!)

  • Robust implementation: well-defined and consistently applied strategies, ready to counter sophisticated attacks from experienced cybercriminals.
  • Indicators: comprehensive implementation of all Essential Eight strategies, with continuous monitoring and improvement. Advanced threat detection and response capabilities.
  • Risk: strong defences against even the most sophisticated cyber threats, with proactive measures in place to detect and mitigate potential breaches.

What this means for you

Our CyberGRX Essential Eight Maturity Level Three validation brings several key benefits to our clients:

1. Enhanced security

Your data and systems are safeguarded by the most advanced security measures available, reducing the risk of breaches. For example, our application control policies ensure only trusted applications can run, minimising the risk of malware. Regular updates and strict application controls also mean fewer vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit. By consistently patching applications and operating systems, we close potential entry points for cyber threats.

2. Reliable compliance

Our adherence to the Essential Eight framework ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. This includes meeting requirements for data protection and cybersecurity mandated by regulatory bodies. With well-documented and consistently applied security measures, your organisation is always ready for audits and assessments. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of cybersecurity are covered, making compliance checks straightforward and stress-free.

3. Operational assurance

Knowing that Techwell has robust security measures in place lets you focus on your core business without worrying about cybersecurity threats. Our multi-layered security approach ensures that even if one layer is breached, others are in place to prevent further damage. Regular backups and strong MFA ensure your data remains intact and accessible even in the event of an incident. This minimises downtime and ensures business continuity.

4. Cost efficiency

Investing in strong security controls helps prevent costly data breaches and downtime. The cost of implementing these controls is significantly lower than the potential financial and reputational damage caused by a successful cyberattack, including faster recovery times and minimised impact on operations thanks to regular backups and effective security practices. In the event of an incident, our well-defined response plans ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum.

Let’s secure your business together

Achieving CyberGRX Essential Eight Maturity Level Three validation means Techwell is equipped to offer you some of the best cybersecurity measures available. This validation isn’t just about us—it directly benefits you, our client—by ensuring your data and systems are protected with the highest security standards.

If you’re ready to strengthen your cybersecurity posture and protect your business against evolving threats, contact Techwell today

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