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Westpac has become the first bank in Australia to replace their PABX and dedicated VoIP systems with Microsoft Teams Calling.

Over 5000 branch office staff have been provided with iPhones in addition to the Microsoft Teams Calling application.

The deployment was completed in August 2021 and fully operational across Westpac’s 840 branches.

Westpac are Australia’s largest Microsoft Teams user, and worked through the rollout along with Microsoft, configuring Microsoft Teams Calling to almost exactly replicate the way their traditional phone systems worked.

The upgrade to NBN made Westpacs requirement to switch to Microsoft Teams Calling even more important, as the bank’s older corporate phone systems became obsolete and unusable.

Why did Westpac make the switch to Microsoft Teams Calling?

Westpac used Microsoft Teams Calling as a way to fix a number of issues they were experiencing in their branches Australia-wide. One of the problems that Westpac was trying to solve was managing missed calls and voicemails.

They needed to have a system where if a customer called into a branch, every phone that’s associated with that branch would ring; if that same person left a voicemail, they needed every person associated with that branch to be able to access that voicemail.

Has Westpac’s Switch Been Successful?

Since the completion of the rollout, Westpac are successfully operating with a flexible, digital and mobile branch office phone system.
The system is uniquely configured to the operating hours and resourcing requirements of each branch.

If an employee should spend a day in another branch, they will still receive the calls, they can be aligned to multiple branches, which enables them to receive calls from both branches. Importantly, in a COVID world, they can receive all of these calls from home.

Microsoft Teams Calling converts Westpac’s voicemails to a text which is then shared with all branch staff.

Despite having dedicated contact centres, Westpac branches collectively receive between 10,000 and 10,500 calls every day.

People like to talk to local representatives and Microsoft Teams Calling allows branch employees to answer customer calls from anywhere. This is of course particularly important with many employees in working remotely due to being in a Covid hotspot.

Since making the switch Westpac have reported that they have been able to provide more timely service to their customers.

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