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Why you Need Checkpoint

Why risk your business’s security when you can protect it easily against endpoint and cloud security threats?

Ransomware, phishing, and malware attacks pose a serious threat to your remote or hybrid workforce and the integrity of your email communications. But what if there was a solution that could anticipate these threats and actively protect your digital domain from them through advanced threat protection?

Three words: Check Point Harmony.

Let’s explore what it is and, more importantly, why your business needs endpoint and cloud security protection.

What is Check Point Harmony Endpoint?

Check Point Harmony Endpoint offers a robust endpoint and cloud security solution tailored to protect the remote workforce against threats. It’s designed to tackle imminent dangers such as ransomware, phishing, and drive-by malware attacks, ensuring your organisation’s digital perimeter is secure.

One of the key strengths of Check Point Harmony Endpoint is its ability to minimise the impact of breaches through autonomous detection and response, providing comprehensive protection efficiently and cost-effectively. Check Point Harmony Endpoint also features click time protection for Harmony Email & Collaboration. This advanced capability ensures that all links sent via email are securely scanned at the moment of clicking, offering unparalleled protection against phishing and malicious websites.

Here’s how it works:

  • Advanced behavioural analysis and machine learning algorithms: these core components are crucial for pre-emptively neutralising malware threats, effectively stopping attacks before they can cause damage.
  • High catch rates and low false positives: Harmony Endpoint is engineered to maximise threat detection accuracy while minimising disruptions, ensuring that your security measures don’t hinder productivity.
  • Automated forensics and data analysis: this feature provides in-depth insights into threats, enabling a swift response to security incidents and facilitating the quick restoration of affected systems.
  • Full attack containment and remediation: Harmony Endpoint doesn’t just stop at detection; it also offers solutions for containing threats and remediating any damage, allowing for quick recovery and continuous operation.

Without Check Point Harmony Endpoint

Implementing Check Point Harmony Endpoint is crucial for safeguarding your digital environment. Opting out of this protection exposes your organisation to significant risks:

  • Without Check Point Harmony Endpoint, your systems are open targets to a range of endpoint and cloud security threats like ransomware, phishing, and malware attacks
  • lacking advanced security defences increases the likelihood of unauthorised access to sensitive data.
  • the absence of quick recovery and containment features can lead to prolonged operational downtimes following an attack
  • failing to protect data can result in non-compliance with regulations, leading to fines and reputational damage
  • without specific remediation capabilities, recovering from cyber incidents is more challenging, impacting business continuity.

Bottom line?
Check Point Harmony Endpoint protects your digital environment against cyber threats, minimising attack impacts and ensuring business continuity.

What is Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration?

Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration steps in to secure your email and cloud-based collaboration tools against phishing, malware, data leaks, and threats posed by shadow IT. This cloud-based solution integrates with platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, providing comprehensive protection for your digital communications.

Here’s how it works:

  • Check Point ThreatCloud AI: when an email or file is shared, Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration scans the data for threats using Check Point’s security stack, including zero-day threat protection, malware prevention, and data leak prevention
  • Three modes of protection: Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration offers “monitor only,” “detect and prevent,” and “protect (inline)” modes, letting organisations tailor their security posture to their needs. From passive monitoring to proactive threat interception, each mode provides a different level of protection:
    • monitor only mode leverages public APIs for visibility into cloud-hosted email activities
    • detect and prevent mode scans emails via journaling, automatically quarantining malicious content based on security stack results
    • protect (inline) mode scans emails before delivery, ensuring threats are mitigated before reaching the user’s inbox.

Without Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration

Failing to use Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration leaves a gap in your defence against threats targeting email and collaboration tools. Here’s what your organisation stands to lose:

  • phishing and zero-day exploits become a significant threat without dedicated protection for email and file-sharing services
  • the risk of exposing sensitive data is higher without security tailored for SaaS applications
  • lack of oversight over unauthorised app usage can lead to unforeseen security and compliance issues
  • insufficient security for email and collaboration platforms may result in regulatory non-compliance, attracting penalties
  • managing security across diverse platforms becomes cumbersome and less efficient without Harmony Email & Collaboration, leading to potential vulnerabilities.

Bottom line?
Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration secures your email and cloud collaboration tools, defending against phishing, malware, and data leaks.

Endpoint and cloud security protection made easy with Techwell

At Techwell, we believe endpoint and cloud security solutions like Check Point Harmony Endpoint and Harmony Email & Collaboration are the very best threat defence your business can invest in, ensuring comprehensive security and advanced threat protection for your employees’ devices across various apps, networks, and operating systems.

These endpoint and cloud security solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing digital infrastructure. With quick deployment capabilities, they scale effortlessly to meet your organisation’s needs, safeguarding all devices without hindering user experience or compromising personal privacy.

As part of our managed IT services, we can help you secure your operations with Check Point Harmony Endpoint and Harmony Email & Collaboration. Contact the Techwell team to learn more.

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