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As a small business, it can often be hard to know what technology is best for your business. At Techwell we have installed and service over 5000 phone systems for local small businesses.

With many years in the industry, we’ve seen a common trend and that is small businesses need a phone system that is easy to use, reliable, and one you can set and forget so you can continue to focus on what you are great at – your own business.

At Techwell we partner with only the most reputable brands in the industry and one of our leading partners is NEC, who have created one of the perfect phone systems for small business – the NEC SL2100.

After installing and maintaining this system for many years, the most common feedback we receive from customers is:


Ease of use

The phone system is easy to use because of the layout of the keypad, which makes programming a breeze. The training is also simple and explained in such a way you can understand and control your phone system if there are any changes required.


Call forward to mobile

The system allows easy transferring of calls to staff members who aren’t based in the office. Call forwarding is as simple as:

  • Inbound call comes into your office
  • Caller asks to speak with a staff member who is out of the office
  • Call is easily transferred to mobile
  • Call is simply released to remote staff member

How professional, reliable and efficient is that?


Auto Day/Night Switching

Gone are the days where you have quick keys for day and night mode. This function is still available if you prefer to do this way although many people that are ready to leave the office often forget to press the quick key for night mode.

The NEC SL2100 can be automated for office hours so little issues like this don’t occur. When a customer calls into the office after office hours the virtual reception can answer and welcome the call offering the customer to leave a message. Every call is an important call no matter what time of the day.


Compatible with NBN

NEC’s research and development team are always working on new generation technology so needless to say the NEC SL2100 phone system was developed well in advance of NBN. All current NEC phone systems were developed to operate on the NBN with no interruptions to your business.

If you are wanting more information for the NEC SL2100 Phone System there are few easy ways we can help you today

  • Head to the Techwell website to review
  • Call 1300 350 292 and book an appointment with a Business Technology Advisor

At Techwell we’re here to help make technology simple for small businesses and that’s why the NEC SL2100 is the perfect phone system choice.


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