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Replacing an ageing phone system with the latest technology can help your business simplify and streamline many operations in the office. The feature rich NEC phone systems can give your business access to features that may not have been available in your old phone system. The following is some of the time and cost saving measures you may be able to benefit from when installing a new NEC phone system.

 Automatic Night Service

It may not seem like a big deal but forgetting to turn on the night answering service could cost you a lot of money. A customer calling to deal with your business may go somewhere else if their call goes unanswered and they cannot leave a message. The NEC SV9100 & SL1100 phone system allow for flexible automatic night service. The system can be programmed for calls to ring at the office, divert calls to voicemail or off site depending on the day, week or year.

This means the system can be configured for your normal operational week and automatically switch on holiday mode for public holidays, no more mucking around the day before a public holiday trying to work out how to switch the phone over, it all done for you. Our technicians will discuss this with you on the day of the installation and train staff (with documentation) in making any changes if required. This can also be triggered or changed from off site, just ask your technician how.


 AdOnHold is a product offered with all Techwell installed systems, it is a set of professionally recorded messages that are written for your exact requirements. This may include a greeting message that answers the call if staff are unable to and it lets the caller know that they have called the right business and you are serious about their business.  

You may also choose an IVR Interactive voice response message that gives the caller options so they get to the department they want first try. The music on hold option allows you to advertise to your callers while they are on hold or calling in, this call allow you to advertise specials or inform customer of services you offer that they may not have been aware of.

Most customer also choose to have a night message that advises callers they have called outside your normal hours of operation and may give them the option to leave a message, transfer off site for emergency or call back during business hours advertised. The timing of when callers hear what messages can be customised by your technician on the day of installation.

UC Suite 

NEC offers a feature rich Windows application and web based interface for MAC and Linux. UC suite allows users to make, receive, transfer, place on hold or conference calls with the click of a mouse without ever touching their handset. UC Suite also allows users to set their own presence and monitor the state and presence of other users, whether they are on a call, in the office, away sick or on holidays plus more. It also gives the flexibility of routing calls where they are required depending on your presence. You may want calls to be forwarded to voicemail if you are in a meeting or away sick. Your technician will train your staff in the operation of UC Suite in order to make the most of this amazing software.

Hopefully these suggestions will help your business make the most of your new NEC phone system or help you decide which new phone system is best for your business. Give us a call today 1300 369 662 to discuss how we can make technology simple for you.

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