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Most small to medium-sized businesses would agree printing devices play an essential role in the way their organisation operates. This is despite the often high costs of owning and operating a printer can have, an exceptionally high concern to smaller businesses. Well, it turns out many companies are spending more than they need to on printing because they simply don’t know how to control costs. Our simple yet effective solutions can help your business reduce printing costs.

Avoid Cheap Ink Cartridges

Although cheaper in the short-term, cheap ink cartridges are less than mediocre when it comes to performance. Apart from making your business look scrappy when compared to competitors, cheaper cartridges will print fewer pages and can even damage your device. It’s just not worth it in the long-run.

Use Print Preview

One way to eliminate unnecessary pages at the end of a document, and avoid wasting valuable ink is to use the Print Preview option. Look for inefficient gaps in the document, misplaced page breaks, and too many spaces. Modify your document to get the most out of your printing.

Print draft quality

You’ll use less ink and print faster without sacrificing quality.

Print in colour only when necessary

Colour ink cartridges cost significantly more than black ink cartridges. Colour printing also takes longer and therefore consumes more power. Stick to black and white whenever you can.

Only print the text you need

If you’re printing pages from the internet, copy and paste into a word processing document and adjust the content to fit as few pages as possible.

Encourage duplex printing

It’s a no-brainer, but two-sided printing when appropriate can significantly reduce paper consumption in the office.

Recycled paper

It’s very tough to distinguish between the quality of recycled and non-recycled paper. Without reducing quality, you can significantly reduce your printing costs by switching to recycled paper and it’s more eco-friendly.

Keep your print finger off the trigger

If your document hasn’t printed, check the printer queue for the status before you retry. It may just be waiting behind other print tasks.

Print Multiple Pages per Sheet

If you don’t need full-sized pages, reducing costs doesn’t get much easier than printing multiple pages per sheet. This works especially well for powerpoint presentations for handouts where you can include up to nine pages on every sheet. Powerpoint dot points are often easily read in the smaller format, and it only takes a couple of easy adjustments.

Print 9 slides 1.png

The same function can also be applied to word documents when multiple documents will suffice. You can also reduce costs by choosing to print in Grayscale.

There you have it. By adjusting just a few of your printing habits, your business can significantly reduce some of the costs associated with printing.

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