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Have you recently received a call from a salesperson informing you that your phone system is not compatible with the new NBN network? Or that your current services will cease to exist once copper services have been cut off?

We are finding that many businesses across Brisbane and the Gold Coast are receiving similar calls. However, the chances of phone systems being incompatible are low.

Business Phone Systems and NBN Compatibility

A common misconception is that only business I.P. phone systems are upgradable to the NBN and that ISDN and PSTN phone systems are not. Less reputable phone providers are leveraging this misconception to sell unsuspecting Brisbane and Gold Coast businesses an entirely new phone system, even though their existing phone system is NBN compatible.

Will We Have To Replace Our Business Phone System To Work On The NBN?

Most phone systems can have an IP card, or an ATA installed, that will allow the phone system to work over the NBN. There will be some older phone systems where it will make sense to replace them, but the first option is to determine if the PBX phone system can be adapted to run over the NBN.

Can we modify or adapt our existing Phone System to work on the NBN?

Yes. In most cases, phone systems under 5-7 years old, can have an IP card from the manufacturer installed. The IP card allows the phone system to take digital phone lines. In some cases, the IP cards are hard to obtain or very expensive, and that is when a commercial decision has to be made.

As a general rule of thumb, if your phone system is more than seven years old and new parts are no longer made, then you should upgrade. Sure the system might still work, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Upgrading your outdated phone system will future proof your business by bringing it into the digital age. You will find that new systems have so many benefits and features that can even save your business time and money.

If you’ve received a similar call or want to find out more about any of your technological needs – contact the team at Techwell.

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