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What types of video can I create for my business?


Video is a marketing powerhouse for businesses because it supercharges your ability to increase your visibility in search engines, as well as your conversion rate of website visitors.

But being comfortable with the need to incorporate video into your marketing strategy is one thing, finding the inspiration of what to create is a different matter.

There are any number of different ‘types’ of video which you could opt for, so in this article let’s discuss some of the most common and obvious options.


Explainer videos

We’ve all seen these videos on the home page of a website. A simple video which explains the product or service and its unique value and advantages.

They can be animated, or filmed with live vision and often have a voice over and some background music.

It’s a simple way to help your visitors understand what your business does quickly, without forcing them to spend time exploring your site.


Product videos

If you’ve got an ecommerce store, or even just a product which needs a little bit more explanation, then a product video will assist the customer education process.

Use the video to explain advantages, comparisons with similar competitor products and even give demos on how to use it.

Customers are more likely to buy when they can imagine how the product is going to make their life better.


Review videos

People often research products online before making a purchase. So why not do a review video which focuses in on all the most important aspects of the product from the consumers point of view.

They can often be shot right down the barrel of the camera, and don’t even require super high product quality either.


Tutorial videos

Let potential customers see exactly how to use a product or service before they even pay for it.

If it’s a physical product then you can demo it to the camera and show how to perform various functions, or if you have a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, you can use some screen recording software to show users how to get around your website and complete some tricky tasks.

For most businesses, video content represents a gaping hole in their marketing strategy. But with a little forward planning you can produce great quality video which will get you found online, and help convert customers more easily.

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