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At Techwell, we know discovering your ideal customers is the very first step towards perfecting your digital marketing strategy. Most businesses today know the importance of marketing in this new digital era, but too many are stuck in their old ways and are yet to make the transition.

As Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is to attempt the same task and expect different results.”  After seeing some of the old marketing channels that people use in an attempt to ‘drive their business,’ there’s no doubting that Einstein would be appalled.

That’s why we’ve got some tips on how to ensure your marketing mix produces the return on interest (ROI) you deserve.

Discovering your ideal customers could be viewed as a daunting prospect, so let’s start with a few easy questions:

What else are my ideal customer’s purchasing?

Understanding trends of your ideal customer will help to ascertain where to situate your product in the market.

When are they buying it?

Is it seasonal? Is it a spontaneous product? Does a decision require customer research?

Where are they buying it?

This will help you understand the value of a physical location compared to online.

How can I align myself with these similar verticals?

Strategically ‘placing’ your product with other items that compliment your offering will result in higher sales, simply because the customer is already in the buying phase. Asking these questions allows you to step into the customer’s shoes.

“When you can get inside your customer’s head and heart, you can understand what it is they truly want or need. The reason any customer buys a product or service is because he/she wants or needs it – it solves a problem or desire they have. Truly knowing your customer’s problems and desires – getting inside their head and heart – is incredibly valuable information.” Roman Randal


You can’t expect to know your ideal customers without getting out there and asking questions.

Don’t be afraid to probe. People love talking about themselves and sharing their opinion, so use it to your advantage, break down any uncertainties and leave yourself with usable data that can easily translate into the core of your marketing strategy.

Get out and test!

From here, get out and test it!

You are the expert on your business, so hit the pavement, hit the phone or hit your keyboard!

Get out there and be sure you have perfected your digital marketing strategy before throwing away valuable dollars.

When getting to know your customers, keep in mind there is no such thing as failure; there is only learning, so soak up all the customer interaction you can.

Techwell can help your business attract leads, increase sales and nurture your customers.

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Stayed tuned and we will discuss the launchpad for your new found knowledge and perfectly tailored product.

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