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First impressions count. We all know that.

But, at the risk of sounding cliché by trotting out a line that our parents and grandparents have told us our entire lives, it’s still important to remember that sometimes we can’t help but judge a book by its cover.

Now more than ever when people have less time and less attention to give, we as humans rely on our instinctive ability to judge friend from foe, good from bad, delicious from disgusting in the blink of an eye to conserve valuable brainpower for other tasks that demand our full attention.

So, what are the main reasons why we recommend a website refresh?

Engaged website visitors

In the digital world, this is especially true where just 50 milliseconds is all it takes for a person to determine if they like a website and stay longer, or dislike it and leave to find something better.

This is disturbing news for small business owners with websites which were built four years ago or more because design trends change as do the public’s taste.

Visual design is key

If you’re trying to capture new customers and your website’s visual design isn’t up-to-scratch, be prepared to endure a reduced level of business coming through your site.

That’s why at Techwell we strongly recommend conducting a design overhaul of your website every four years.

Keeping your website at the forefront of design ensures that you’ll maximise the revenue your website generates, and as a result conducting a revamp of your site every four years as design trends change is (financially) easy to justify.

Who built your current site?

It’s not hard to find businesses whose website was built by someone in-house, the bosses wife, or some friend of a friend who took a class about computers ten years ago. You can spot those websites a mile away, and sadly they keep potential customers a mile away too.

We all know that first impressions count so make sure that your business website creates immediate feelings of trust, authority, and professionalism to your clients and prospects.

Now that you know why your old website needs a polish, check out the solutions Techwell can offer, as well as some of our solutions in action!

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