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In today’s technological environment content is king. Here at Techwell we always discuss digital videos when talking to our customers. With over 70% of the world’s internet traffic being video it’s time you understood what videos can do for your business.

Our focus is making technology simple. Video content should not be left out of the conversation. Let’s face it, in 5 years you will probably be watching this and not reading it. That is why we partner with Ad on Digital who make professionally animated videos to help get your message across. Here are 3 of the top uses for a  professional video to help your business stay relevant and prosper!



A website is often a pivotal factor in the purchase decision. A key consideration is website content and time spent on site. The longer a customer spends on site the more likely they’re to purchase. An engaging video will increase time spent on site and decrease website bounce rate. Google (who owns YouTube) loves video and this will also place you higher in their organic search rankings. So, whether it be a new website or an existing one a professional video can significantly boost your online presence.


Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. 1.2 billion people login to Facebook every day growing at over 17% per year. Techwell and Ad-on-Digital will hold your hand in getting your video onto all your social media platforms. Social media videos can deliver on several marketing objectives. The most obvious is building brand awareness or telling your brand’s story.


Email Signature

How many emails do you and your staff send every day? Well we can help attach a video email signature to every email you send. This can then link to your website. That is huge potential to increase website traffic with no effort required.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.47.39 am.png


Video is the most interactive and engaging type of content to date, appealing to hearing, vision and giving us a sense of motion. At Techwell we use this to help provide a whole of business solution.


If you need help on expert advice from a team of passionate tech-heads get in contact with us today on 1300 350 292.

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