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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed so many things, for so many people, in such a small amount of time. Here in Australia, it has exponentially changed the way we work, how we work and where we work.

This has come as a shock to some businesses who were unprepared for employees to have the ability to work from home or the local cafe.


Were Australian Businesses Prepared for Remote Work?

In some recent Telstra research, small businesses were asked if they were prepared for their employees to work remotely during COVID-19, a massive 34% said they had never even considered it, while 40% said they were only moderately prepared for this change.

This meant that many Australian small businesses needed to seriously revisit their corporate DNA and structure. Almost 18 months on, and remote work has taken on a life of its own and flexibility from businesses is at an all time high.


Is Working from Home Here to Stay?

When we asked customers what their business approach would be to remote working post pandemic, the statistics were surprisingly positive. More than 38% of respondents said they would encourage and support increased levels of remote working for ‘all’ employees with 28% saying they would support greater levels of remote working for certain team functions.

This means consolidating and simplifying the remote work experience is more important than ever.


Customers are looking for:

  • A unified experience where technology seamlessly integrates
  • Reduced complexity where technology just works easily
  • Better affordability by consolidating platforms
  • Greater productivity with efficiency gains from a united solution
  • Simplified management making it easy for everyone in the organization to manage


Contact Techwell to Assist Your Business with Remote Working!

If remote working has become a thing of the future for your business, Microsoft 365 could be the right solution to enable the above five benefits.

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