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Time is non-refundable and should be used with intention. As most of us spend eight out of a definite 24 hours a day at work, it is in the best interest of businesses and workers alike to utilise the limited time they are given. Sure, most of us are effective at what we do, but we are not all efficient. You might be meeting your goals at work, but could you be making the most of the world of opportunity that technology provides to get more done in less time?



Being effective means being successful in producing a desired or intended result. The outcome is not measured by anything other than the end result, with effort and wastage going unregarded.



Efficiency – on the other hand – is the ability to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.


Technological efficiency

Today’s technology has led to major developments in the efficiency of the office world. The ability to transfer phone calls seamlessly to another location saves time and creates a streamlined experience for the incoming caller. Imagine needing to hang up and make a second call. No thanks!

New technological processes undoubtedly save time and money while providing high quality levels of service in the office. But technological efficiency goes beyond fixed locations. We now have the power of being able to send and receive calls and messages on the road, which creates a world of opportunities for the way businesses operate.


World of opportunity

Have you ever wanted to work from the office of “everywhere”? Have you ever imagined of an office that is in the car, on a plane, in an airport, on holiday or in a foreign country? Having to be at the bricks and mortar location to complete your business tasks doesn’t have to be fantasy. Any business, given the right innovative mindset, currently has the infrastructure and tools to work in such an environment. We are witnessing a digital revolution and technology can help us all live out our dreams.


I currently work from the office of everywhere. If I have my laptop, my mobile phone, and an internet connection, I am connected. I am contactable and can contact clients and head office. I can retrieve files and customer records anytime, anywhere, by utilizing Apps or Cloud-based services in an efficient real-time way to do business in the 21st Century.


Check out the Techwell website If you would like to know more about how you or your business can explore this world of opportunity.


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