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Einstein said the definition of insanity is to attempt the same task and expect different results.

Day after day I see too many people stuck in their ‘old ways’ simply because it’s what they did in the past. When I directly ask them whether it’s helping drive their business in the direction they wish for I’m met with blank looks.


Chances are if you’re still marketing through the same channels you were even a few years ago, you are not getting the ROI (return on investment) you deserve.


With each compounding day potential customers are inundated with an exhaustive amount of buy this, buy that messages. As a result consumers have become much more selective about what they expose themselves to, and more importantly what they absorb!


As a business owner, how do we combat this?


Firstly, everyone wants something for free! It doesn’t have to be something tangible, in the age of information technology providing a ‘tip’ or a ‘how to’ that can save or make someone time/money is even more powerful.


Now put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. You have provided them with something useful, and they absorb it into their mantra, then what happens? All of a sudden they feel comfortable with your brand, they warm to it, and suddenly they have a thirst for more!


Now, we need to offer marketing material so compelling, so educational, but all the while so entertaining that by the end they are uncontrollably drawn to either picking up the phone or shooting off a request for more information.


Once your material is complete you need a vehicle to launch it into the big wide world, so that you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Choose the wrong vehicle and even the most compelling message will fall on deaf ears, choose the right vehicle with the wrong message, and you will miss your target.


This is why it is referred as a marketing mix, think of it as a recipe. Nail the recipe and your guests will love it, fail and they are going home with a belly ache!


Perfecting this mix is something that may happen overnight, but in reality, it is more likely a process that will take time to perfect and fine tune.


Our team are experts in fine tuning your marketing message, why not get in touch with us today!


Stay tuned for part two where I will discuss the discovery of your marketing mix!

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