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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and a timely reminder of how important security is in our digital world. From accessing emails to conducting virtual meetings, mobile devices have transformed the way enterprises operate. However, the lifespan of these devices is limited, so we need to be sure they’re safely and responsibly handled during the disposal process.

Every year, 130 million smartphones are discarded around the world1. Given the escalating concern about e-waste, there is a pressing need for businesses to not only optimise their device management but also align it with sustainability. E-waste can lead to severe environmental issues due to the presence of toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. These pollutants can contaminate our soil and water, disrupting ecosystems and posing significant threats to our health2.

Techwell is honoured to partner with companies like Moorup to recycle unused technology and give it new life by empowering people in need and contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive digital ecosystem. Moorup was founded by a team of ex-telecommunications experts. The company is dedicated to trying to make the technology industry greener, by buying back, refreshing, recycling, donating, and selling mobile devices through various channels globally.

The growing used smartphone market, which is predicted to be worth US$67 billion by 2023, further emphasises the huge potential for reusing and recycling these devices3.

Building sustainability and security into the device lifecycle

In our commitment to offer a holistic managed mobility solution, Techwell ensures a smooth journey from device procurement to its disposal, especially with its meticulous approach to the end-of-life process. Techwell works alongside its customers as they manage their corporate devices, supporting these devices within the mobile device management (MDM) framework.

Before devices are sent to Moorup, Techwell ensures they are released from the master data management (MDM) system, and a thorough wipe is executed, guaranteeing the complete elimination of every fragment of data, including emails, documents, and photos. Moorup, with its commitment to data security, then conducts another wipe, accompanying it with an erasure certificate for the client. This meticulous process guarantees that devices are devoid of any confidential data.

Beyond the standard recycling procedure, Moorup innovatively refurbishes devices. Devices are then distributed to those most in need. Some are donated to women in secluded areas to be used as a vital tool during emergencies. Others benefit domestic violence victims and senior citizens, ensuring they remain in touch with the world.

Moorup is leading the charge with its mission of fostering a circular economy. Recognising the incredible utility of smartphones in bridging global communication gaps, Moorup aims to elongate the lifespan of these devices through reuse, repair, refurbish, and recycle. This not only mitigates the environmental repercussions but also presents significant business benefits. Moorup envisions a world where every smartphone is either reused or recycled, addressing the carbon footprint challenges in the mobile manufacturing sector.

A brighter e-future

At Techwell, we go beyond basic device management. We deliver a comprehensive service that spans the entire device lifecycle, from initial setup to decommissioning. Our systematic approach guarantees that your enterprise mobile fleet benefits from customised support, catering to both individual end-users and service desks. Our services include device setup and configuration, quick repair and replacement, end-user support, and responsible decommissioning and disposal.

Our partnership with Moorup helps us streamline our device management and cement our commitment to environmental and community care. Our shared vision is a world where technological processes and environmental preservation coexist. As more and more businesses venture on this green journey, they’re not only benefiting in a business sense but also making a lasting positive impact on our planet’s future.

To learn more about our managed mobility process for your enterprise, reach out to Techwell’s expert team.


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