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Heidi Loomes' Blogs

Heidi's job wouldn't be possible without some solid frameworks, roadmaps and strict daily plan. Heidi has implemented and adapted her operational rhythm over many years and is now able to run her day like clock work, thanks to the discipline and structure held by herself and her team.


Heidi wants to share her experiences and growth with her customers, so that they too can transform their business processes and structures to be efficient, knowing that when they go home for the day, they really can relax.


Read some of Heidi's blogs on time management, operational efficiency and people management and see if there is anything more you could be doing to streamline your working days.


How To Manage Your Time Effectively

Every day presents a chance – a new opportunity to move your life forward towards your goals and dreams. Every day is also a chance to move in the opposite direction. So, which direction is your life heading? The answer lies in whether or not you are using your time effectively.


6 benefits of using Facebook advertising

The way we market to our customers and potential customers is changing at a rapid rate. You may find that the traditional methods of advertising like radio, billboards and letterbox drops aren’t giving you the results you need. If this is the case it’s probably time to give Facebook advertising a go…. and just a…


Convincing the Higher-Up’s to Spend the $$$!

When you’re not in a position of authority in a business, it can be hard to convince the person who is, to spend the funds that you can see are necessary.


Inside secrets for achieving the perfect workplace

Here’s a little challenge for you. Picture yourself in a stereotypical corporate office scene in any Hollywood movie, like the one in the start of The Matrix. Envision the chin height beige dividers, hear relentless touch typing, the drone of muffled conversations, interrupted only by the occasional phone ringing. You can breath in the thick,…


The top 5 accounts you need to start following on Twitter today!

At Techwell, we like to take inspiration from everywhere we can. We don’t just rely on strictly business platforms to learn and be entertained. We’ve compiled a list of Twitter accounts that are, without a doubt, worth the follow.


Telstra’s Fixed Line Terminology Explained

With our ever changing world, there are terms thrown around that not everyone understands. PSTN, ISDN, NBN, FTTP, FTTN and so on. This blog will help explain some of these terms and debunk the confusion associated with them. 


5 Easy Ways to Show your Employees you Care

Retaining good staff can be hard for small to medium sized businesses. I’m sure we have all worked for an employer we didn’t like, someone who micro-managed us or a boss who gave us no motivation to want to get out of bed in the morning.


Top 5 tips for saving on unnecessary business costs

Are you a small business owner that would love a bit of extra cash in your back pocket? What if you could save on some unnecessary costs in the office, and have that bit of extra money to put into spending time with what is most important… your family.


How NBN can improve your bottom line and increase office efficiencies.

  In today’s world improving your bottom line and increasing office efficiencies can be as easy as a change to the NBN. Yes, you have read correctly. Our Business Development and Innovation team are experts in building an effective workplace utilising the most recent technologies. Here are the top 5 reasons why a change to…

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