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Here’s a little challenge for you. Picture yourself in a stereotypical corporate office scene in any Hollywood movie, like the one in the start of The Matrix. Envision the chin height beige dividers, hear relentless touch typing, the drone of muffled conversations, interrupted only by the occasional phone ringing. You can breath in the thick, stagnant air. Sound like fun? Didn’t think so. Does your workplace feel like that? I surely hope not.

Now enough doom and gloom, turn that imagination of yours to face the other direction. Picture your ideal workplace. Picture a fun and vibrant environment. A place where things get done, results are achieved, laughter is frequent and role fulfilment comes easily.


Where does your workplace fall?

In the middle somewhere? Leaning towards the less exciting? Regardless of what you answered, the question remains as to what the secret is. What’s the difference, the special ingredient that prevents the workplace becoming stale and uninviting?


How do we get there?

Let me fire off a few ideas as they come to hand. Constantly stock the office fridge with beer? Perhaps not. Double everyone’s salary? Not a long term solution. Fit a fireman’s pole and slippery dip to transcend between floors? Novelty value is there but may soon become troublesome.


No, it turns out the secret really isn’t a secret at all. It’s all around you. It encompasses every interaction, every  conversation and every action you perform. It’s a non-tangible, liquid like substance that assumes the form of whatever area you put it in. It directly feeds off its surroundings, and it can be the difference between turning sub-average workers into superstars, or turning hard working employees into resignation notices. It’s called Culture.


What is culture?

Quite a difficult thing explaining culture to a stranger, because, it is whatever you make of it. The thing about positive workplace culture is it only exists when all continually participate. It has to be constantly fed. When you leave it alone, neglect or forget about culture, it tends to dies off.


What is very easy to explain however is my experience of culture. When working at Techwell, it becomes very apparent that with a fantastic workplace culture, your business will thrive, your employees will flourish, and the employer will reward and be rewarded. It’s hard not to be infected with the positive energy that comes from a smile from a colleague, a joke from an icebreaker at the start of a day, even just holding the door open for someone.


At the end of the day, workplace culture is a make or break for any business. The good news is, all you have to do is be positive, and it will slowly spread.


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