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In today’s world improving your bottom line and increasing office efficiencies can be as easy as a change to the NBN. Yes, you have read correctly. Our Business Development and Innovation team are experts in building an effective workplace utilising the most recent technologies. Here are the top 5 reasons why a change to the NBN  is an investment in your business.



Online Collaboration & Cloud Based Applications

NBN is providing fast internet speeds and stability, allowing businesses to automate their operations processes. By using cloud based applications and collaboration tools they are able to instantly file share both internally and externally without having to use an extensive work force.

This in turn, will save costs and improve profitability. Popular applications of choice are Xero, Office 365, Yammer and Slack however with an ongoing database of tools this list is increasing day by day.

Most Australian small businesses are still not taking full advantage of what the NBN has to offer, by running only their basic applications and collaboration tools in the cloud.




With NBN providing flexible options in both speed and download allowances businesses are being able to utilise this time to upgrade their old technology and set themselves up with new equipment, new website and digital marketing solutions like Ad On Digital.

Hardware such as computers, tablets, mobiles devices and phone systems that streamline calling connectivity and software into one whole of business solution seems to be the most popular selection among businesses closely followed by remote based solutions which offer real time collaboration and access from anywhere.

Working remotely, businesses are able to gain access to customers, staff, suppliers and any information on the go, in the office or at home providing the business the freedom to work smarter, not harder.


Video and Remote Business

After a move to the NBN, businesses are choosing not only how their work is going to be completed but where they will work from. NBN enables businesses to work remotely and conduct their business via video conferencing through their NBN connection. Skype, Zoom and Lifesize are becoming more and more prevalent in business operations day to day.

These applications have enabled businesses, not just in regional areas but all throughout Australia to expand their potential client base and interact with internal and external customers through video or teleconference. In a previous world the hassle of commute or financial costs involved with travel were a potential influence to inhibit that interaction.


Social Media

Businesses on the NBN are proving that a faster, more reliable internet solution really can impact their use of social media. By utilising digital marketing tools such as videos, website optimisation and social media there is an increased presence online post NBN connections. Social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter still are the most relied on platforms for businesses today.

Social media is a vital backbone to stay connected with customer to continually drive forward ideas, information, products and services with the high speed connectivity and reliability of NBN it has never been a better time to identify and communicate with the larger audience.


Being an Early Adopter

Australian Small businesses are transferring to the NBN once available and whilst it can take some time, coordination and patience businesses are seeing great early results and are urged to take the plunge and connect to give themselves the competitive advantage they deserve.

Access to new technology powered by NBN will be the key to unlock the potential of all small Australian businesses to ensure they will be able to compete in a digital global revolution.   

Submit an Expression of Interest today and one of our Relationship Managers will give you a call to help you understand how NBN can change the way you do business. You will also go in the draw to win a  $350 Visa Card. 

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