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At Techwell, we like to take inspiration from everywhere we can. We don’t just rely on strictly business platforms to learn and be entertained. We’ve compiled a list of Twitter accounts that are, without a doubt, worth the follow.


Elon Musk is a South-African born, entrepreneur/engineer/inventor, and the co-founder of the ever-growing Tesla Inc. Elon often gives updates regarding what Tesla is up to, which inspires us due to the innovation Tesla brings to the world. We like to think that Techwell embodies innovation in it’s own right, so it’s great to see a person so successful still personally updating the world on both his personal and professional endeavours. 


B1G1 (short for Buy1Give1), is commonly referred to as ‘business for good’. They’re a not for profit organisation, who make ‘it easy for purpose-driven businesses worldwide to make a positive impact by giving back in meaningful ways.’ Their Twitter consists of what they’re currently doing, ways to get involved and loads more. At Techwell we are proud to align with B1G1 so every phone system, multi-function device (MFD), Ad on Digital video and website package that we sell will see a contribution made to a learning hub in an aboriginal community or an IT course provided for a child in need. 


Formaliti is an electronic signature and digital forms solution that allows you to sign, share and securely store your business forms and documents online. Formaliti is incredibly innovative and super green as it works to make paper a thing of the past. Their Twitter consists of blog posts that aims to help businesses succeed, which we follow religiously.


Loanezi is a modern and innovative specialist in commercial asset finance broking. The ‘Mrs’ comes in because the Twitter account is run by Renee Tocco; the founder and managing director of Loanezi. Renee’s Twitter feed combines both the personal and professional, reminding us all that business can be fun too. We also enjoy her Instagram page @loanezi. Her take on a healthy, fun filled lifestyle shared with her hubby and daughter brightens any day.

Lastly, @baddadjoke

Because who doesn’t love a good dad joke every once in awhile? We certainly do. We have lots of dads around the office who I’m sure draw their inspiration from here. Not naming any names of course…. 

To keep on top of the latest tech make sure you also follow us on Twitter. We are always sharing insights that can help you and your business. 

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