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We can install all the equipment in the world, but if you don`t know how to use it, it will cost you time and money, and won’t help you to provide the best service to your customers.

 My name is Des Hinkley, and I have installed phone systems for 22 years, I have onsite and phone system vendor training to make sure that your phone system will be installed perfectly. I take immense pride in this side of the process, but the training supplied by myself, at the end of the installation, should be just as important.

Here are a couple of tips that will ensure that you get the most out of the phone system.

Organise your staff

Make sure that all you staff are present for the training once the phone system installation is complete. Our tech will give you an estimated time when this will happen in the afternoon. You would also have been advised of the training by your project coordinator prior to the install, so it’s imperative   to make sure all the staff are present on the day.

Get involved

Take notes, and ask questions,we’re here to help. We will supply you with training notes for everyone, and further notes can be added to these. Your staff can take individual notes or you can organise one staff member to take the notes and they can be copied to shared amongst the team.


Need more training?

We also supply additional training after the installation date, which we like to call ‘Pro Training’. This is run from the same training docs as supplied when the install was done, but will be done a few days after the installation, at a time that suits you.


Where to next?

Please use the system, make mistakes, try setting up speed dial etc, and if you are unsure at least you will know that there will be another training session coming, so fear not, all your questions can be answered then, and if you need help between the installation and the pro training session, then please call the office on 1300 369 662, we’d love to help.

Here are two main points why you should make the most of the training

 1) If your staff know how to use the phone system and all the features that are relevant to you, then there is less time wasted on trying to figure this out. If they don’t have the grasp of this then they will not use the system to its full potential, they may also be disruptive to your staff, but almost certainly to YOUR customer’s experience

2) If the staff know how to use this, they will be confident in utilising features, and there are many. Your team will be the ultimate professionals while on the phone, and your customer will know that. 

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