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We’ve had a number of customers calling our Techwell Business Technology Advisors this week asking about the upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business Grade email.


Email is still one of the most common business apps to communicate and connect with customers, so it is vitally important to make sure you are using the right email option for your business.


There is a lot of noise and information out there about the best email platform, so we are cutting through the clutter of confusion, with the top 10 reasons that we believe all small businesses should upgrade from free email to M365 Business Grade.


1. You can keep your emails synchronised across your mobile and computer so you can easily keep in touch with your customers and peers.


2. It includes additional functionality to keep your contacts, calendar and notes synchronised across your computer and mobile devices.


3. You have access to larger mailboxes so you can manage your email across multiple devices.


4. Save time with better productivity and visibility of shared mailboxes, calendars, and synchronisation with other people in your business.


5. Business grade email supports connecting a custom company domain name (your business name) to look more professional and trustworthy.


6. Reduce downtime with enterprise grade reliability of your email service.


7. Mitigate cyber threats with stronger anti-malware, anti-spam & data loss prevention included.


8. A Focused Inbox that makes it easy to track email that matters most. Your inbox includes two tabs: Focused, for email you need to act on right away, and Other, for everything else.


9. An In-place Archive, that gives your users one place so they can keep all their important data in.


10. By moving to a cloud-based email you can reduce large capital expenditure by moving to a monthly subscription based model.


Regardless of your industry, the benefits of Microsoft 365 can be invaluable to any small business, including:

  • Saving time by automating tasks and reducing labour costs
  • Reducing infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs (servers)
  • The ability to be more productive and collaborate easily away from the office to deliver better customer and employee experiences and professionalism


Technology in business can be confusing and often complex, especially when a business needs to be ‘always on’ for their customers. Email is the simplest form of communication, and is arguably the most important. Taking the time to understand the benefits and reasons for an upgrade is essential.


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