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IT and telecommunications auditing is a business priority that is often overlooked by small businesses. It might not seem like a necessity for already time-poor organisations, however reviewing past bills and current operational procedures ensures you are being billed at competitive prices. Also, cost analysis, service optimisation and account and project management support have enormous overall benefits to businesses workflows and bottom lines. Here’s the full case as to why an IT and telecommunications audit should be a small business priority.

Return on investment

Have you looked at your bill recently? Research shows that between 12% – 20% of corporate telecommunications bills are in error. Unfortunately for businesses, 85% of these charges are in the carrier’s favour. Those errors can add up to a lot of money saved – often enough to pay for the auditing process itself. This is a great way to find hidden money without changing a single thing.


Telecommunications auditing provides technical expertise in all areas of telecommunications through system analysis and reporting. Experts can ensure that all aspects of your bills and contract negotiations are both accurate and ethical.

More time to work

Outsourcing the timely IT and telecommunications auditing process allows your IT team to be free to focus on the immediate needs of your business.

Technology upgrade

IT and telecommunications auditing can identify potential upgrades that could improve your security measures and ensure you’re getting the most from your service.

Overall, IT and telecommunications auditing should be a small business priority as they provide businesses with accurate reporting, more time to work, the right technology for the job and improvements to the bottom line.

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