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It’s an exciting time for Australian internet lovers, as more and more fixed line services are being converted to the NBN. However, many people are finding that transitioning from digital (ISDN) services to NBN fixed services can be a long process that leaves them without internet for days. But fear not, it doesn’t need to be a messy transition.

There are several theories as to which is the best plan of action when making the switch to NBN fixed services. The major issue is the amount of time the customer’s internet services are offline for. That’s why I recommend the approach of having TBiz Voice or DOT Services connected to the site prior to installation.  The current digital line can then be placed on Fixed Call Diversion (Prepaid) to the new Group Directory Number (GDN) of the fixed services.

A GDN is a phone number that sits over multiple ISDN services. This means you can have an overarching advertised number which would hunt into the whole group of lines (e.g. 2 x ISDN2 give you 4 lines etc.). You also retain the ability to utilise a single service number within this structure for your fax, for example. It also allows the business calls to go out under the GDN so that your main business number is advertised when you call out.


Taking the right steps to prepare for the day of your NBN installation will ensure your original services will continue working up to the day and will reduce disruption levels.

There can be an additional cost for new service installation, of which the customer is to be fully aware of. However, there are no call diversion costs from the old advertised number to the new number, with the services being prepaid and in the same exchange area.

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Randall Cutler

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