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Australian businesses have adapted to changes in technology at a rapid rate within the past 3 years. That being the case you can understand why these businesses rely heavily on support from reputable suppliers. 

Are you confident that the people working on technology in your business are qualified, experienced and trustworthy? 

My name is Neil Frame and I am the technical manager at Techwell.

I am extremely proud to tell you that our technicians are all of the above. We pride ourselves on employing people that are trustworthy and skilled.

But we don’t just leave it at that, we make sure our technicians are receiving the most up to date technical training provided both by our vendors and in house trainers. In addition to that we have a great in house set of values that our teams hold as their own,  There are four key reasons that you need to trust the people who are tasked with performing technical service on your premises.


Values including integrity, confidentiality and trust

Our technicians will work on and around your staff computers, desk and management areas, it is imperative that they adhere to all of these values. We are constantly working with businesses that have sensitive information and a unique business set up. Our staff are trustworthy and extremely professional in different environments.


Personable and friendly

Our technicians will interact with your staff, whether it be for one hour or a full day. They must maintain a level of professionalism at all times but will also get on with all your staff members while they are on site and while giving over the phone assistance.  When you become a Techwell customer we would love to treat you like family. We are really passionate about creating lifelong relationships with our customers. Our techs seem to all have a pretty good sense of humour and they love a good laugh – they are human afterall.



Our technical team must be able to complete installations, relocations,  adding additional services, faults with minimal disruption to your business and must have the skills and confidence to deal with any issue or problem that may arise to minimise disruptions. Our techs are extremely good at troubleshooting and finding an answer to even the most difficult of problems.


Well equipped

All of our technicians are responsible for the equipment, tools and other resources needed to complete jobs for our business customers. It is important that they are stocked up with spare parts for the phone systems we install as well as modems, routers, switches and all tools and laptops. We want to show our customers that we can minimise any down time, are always prepared for the job and that we won’t leave your business until you are running correctly.


I’m really looking forward to allocating our technicians to complete works on your site to improve your business communication solutions. Please don’t be afraid to engage them and ask questions, they are there to help and more importantly, they love to help.


Our team are experts in all things tech, check out our website for more information.


Call 1300 350 292