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Being a Mum, the ability to work from home regularly is a must. Finding the right balance between school drop offs, appointments and actually even getting to work some mornings is a challenge that many parents face. With 1 in 3 Australians working from home in some capacity it really has become a preferred way to work for many people.

These days technology allows me to literally appear as if I am in the office when I am working from home. However, having the right goals, mindset and a plan for the day can be hard to organise. Here are my top tips for successfully working from home.  


The right space

A quiet, designated work space away from the rest of the household and kids is vital. This means no working on the couch, in front of the tele. Find a peaceful (if this is possible) area to work where you can think clearly and have minimal distractions.


Set boundaries for others at home

Make sure the kids are aware that you are at home to work and can’t be distracted. Make their lunch and snacks the night before so they aren’t asking for food all day. Don’t forget to take a lunch break to catch up with those at home and spend a bit of time re-charging.


Organisation is key

Create a schedule and priority list each day and work your way through, just as you would if you were in the office. When creating a list write down everything you need to achieve, with a check box next to it (even if it seems like a lot). On the left of your check boxes add an asterisk next to tasks that MUST be completed that day. These are your priority, and once completed if you have time left in the working day you can move onto tasks without an asterisk.



Resist the urge to do chores

If there are chores that need to be done set time for them first thing in the morning and once your working day has finished. You will be far more productive if you focus on your work tasks during the day and don’t let the dishes in the sink distract you. Once your working day is over give yourself an hour or so to clean up the dishes, coffee cups and any other disastrous messes that the kids have made.


Tech tools are key for productivity

Utilise tech tools to effectively communicate with your team and colleages. You can still feel like part of the team when working from home. Our NEC phone systems allow me to use my desk handset at home and answer calls over my nbn connection. I also communicate with my colleagues throughout the day using Slack chat. And, not having a printer/scanner doesn’t hinder me at all as we are a paperless office.

To see if NBN is available in your area simply fill in an expression of interest here.


Work within the dedicated hours

Resist the temptation to go back to your desk at 8pm or 5am. Once the work day is over it’s over! Now it’s time to complete those chores, get outside for some vitamin D and fresh air.

Having a flexible workplace here is key as the ability to work from home can only be realised with an understanding employer, the right technology partner and comfy workspace at home.

If you still need tips on using technology to work successfully from home visit our website for more info.

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