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The NBN network is currently replacing most existing landlines that service Australia’s phone and internet networks. This is a part of an ongoing plan which was designed to upgrade the internet speeds of Australian businesses and individuals to be competitive on an international level, well into the future. This comes as a huge relief for Australian businesses, who are currently working with speeds ranked 50th in the world. However, when the NBN is rolled out to your area, your business will need to organise the switch.

The switch won’t happen automatically.

A common misconception is that businesses do not need to do anything to make the switch from those existing networks being switched off to the NBN network. However, switching is not automatic.

Will you be disconnected?

The disconnection process will not happen immediately after construction begins in a particular area. The change from those existing networks being switched off to the NBN will take place gradually, and you will be given ample notice ahead of time to make the switch. You will be notified that the NBN network is available in your area 18 months before the scheduled disconnection date.


Can your business connect already?

Some areas of Australia already have the NBN network connected. If you would like to check if your business already has access, you can do so here at the nbn™Co. website. If the network is not available in your area yet, you can register your business to receive an email when it is.

How will the NBN network affect your business?

The NBN network is being designed to provide access to fast internet services, no matter where you are located in Australia. Access to a fast and reliable internet connection can help ensure your business benefits both productively and economically.

Your next steps

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