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Technology is one of the things in life that we have always loved to hate, but it is fast becoming a necessity for day to day business life. Whether it be getting emails/voicemail while out of the office, or being reachable while you’re on the road, technology is becoming an integral role in our lives.

I want to show you how that little piece of metal and glass that sits in your hands and pockets can help your business with a few of the services Techwell has to offer through some of our products.


Digital forms
 take the stress out of paperwork

Allowing you and your staff to get paperwork signed and sent to important stakeholders before your staff have even left site. Taking all the scrunched paperwork off your drivers dash and putting it into processing straight away.


Navman Vehicle Tracking gives you control of your fleet, allowing you to get better control of where your staff are. It allows you to increase your return by optimising routes and job planning to keep your staff on the road, helping to grow your business and increase revenue.

With ETAs, mapping for office staff to see where staff are, and assisting in dispatch and vehicle maintenance.


Mobile Services keep you in touch

Our mobile solutions allow you to communicate with staff, customers and family while you can’t be in front of them.  We partner with Telstra to bring you  coverage surpassing any other Australian Telecommunications Company.  4G data services power our tablet and other internet connected devices, allowing you to keep in touch with what matters most.



Telephone Systems can help your business in or out of the office

With mobile applications, voicemail to email and remote workers (just to name a few features), a phone system can keep you in touch with the office no matter where you are in the world. 

nec phone system.jpg


WiFi is one of our newer additions where a single product can help with your marketing, customer contact and increase foot traffic through your business.


Techwell uses the slogan ‘making technology simple’, and we don’t take it light heartedly. The above are some of the products we not only sell, but use as a company. We invest in technology to grow our business, increase our productivity and provide an unforgettable customer experience. What could these products do for you?


And with that in mind, take the time to contact us on 1300 369 662 so we can work with your business in order to make technology simple.

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