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Firstly, I want to start this blog by sharing a wonderful experience at work last week. It was the kind of experience that doesn’t often happen to many individuals working for a big company.

I was told that Techwell are newly involved with B1G1, which is a global giving initiative set up so that businesses (and their customers) can change the lives of those in need.

I found out that day, that my team had worked to provide funds to feed a child at school for a year, provide 800 families with a one-day business course, gave school supplies to 1000 children and most importantly kept 150 girls safe from trafficking.


Feelings of pride

As I found this out I felt a lot of emotions, but mainly just amazed that we managed to make this difference by simply conducting our daily tasks. The fact that we were able to help that many people in need around the world changed my whole day; I couldn’t get the smile off my face, it was such an incredible feeling.

As an employee of Techwell and the greater HTG I feel extremely proud and so thankful that we are able to be involved in such an amazing gift to these communities in need, and to be given the opportunity to make a difference, a difference so large that it would be impossible for me to make on my own.


When do we contribute?

At Techwell we are proud to align with B1G1 so every phone system, multi-function device (MFD), Ad on Digital video and website package that we sell will see a contribution made to a learning hub in an aboriginal community or an IT course provided for a child in need.


If you would like to know more about how Techwell contributes to B1G1 get in touch with our team today.

Call 1300 350 292