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Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, Generation X or a Millennial, at some point or another you should have come across the great Australian TV show Beyond 2000, or it’s predecessor Beyond Tomorrow.

Both shows dig deep into great science and technological changes in society. I still remember the episode about how great the Toyota Prius will be on your fuel consumption. Fast forward to these days and it’s just a great masculinity gag, in almost every movie it appears in.

Sure I give the Prius a bit of grief but it is a great car, isn’t it?

Following up on these TV shows I looked into what the future looks like for the way we use technology in the office, more specifically communication technology. Not such a jaw dropping topic as the ‘Mr. Robot’ episode (a hospital doctor which I’m still waiting to be developed) but a great topic to understand how we currently use communication technology in the workplace, and how we will use it in the future.


Technology Today

During the airing of Beyond 2000, that generation could not have imagined doing business the way it is conducted today. With the amount of mobile solutions offered, the term ‘office’ becomes a bit vague. We can literally conduct business anywhere in the world, and now we can even do this with ease as IP Solution products have allowed us to access our data securely.

In the office today we have an amazing amount of ground breaking technology that helps streamline workflow. The team at Techwell have in fact hit the nail on the head with being able to offer their customers a whole of business solution with communication technology. We offer products that look into office communications, IT services, mobility solutions, digital forms, copies and printers. The main aspect that differentiates Techwell to other communication technology providers is that they seek to provide the utmost recent and effective tools for your business and guide with pre and post sales. We are as passionate about the after sales service as we are the sale itself.

There are many more ways in which technology has changed the way in which we have conducted business, and there are many ways you may not be taking advantage of the change. I urge to to contact Techwell to speak with a team of professionals who will guide you and your business in through changes in technology.


Technology Beyond 2017

This is the big question, what does the future look like for communication technology? The possibilities are endless. Looking back 15 years ago I never would have imaged virtual reality goggles, Facebook Live and the quality teleconferencing services businesses have access to. Jonathan Strickland from sees a future of communication technology through augmented reality. Imagine looking anywhere and seeing your computer before your eyes, or having the ability to video conference with no computer or handheld device. This is a future of communication I look forward to.

Beyond 2017 does seem promising, although the best recommendation I have is don’t wait for the next best thing to appear, because you will always be waiting. There will always be improvements in the industry so take advantage of what it available today. The business benefits are endless. If you believe your business is lacking or needs a secondary input on how you can benefit from communication technology, visit Techwell.

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