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Giving 105% to my customers

My Name is Dave Kirk, I was born in Canada, and moved to Australia on 6th of April 1987, the same day Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Haggler had their world title fight. I’ve had the pleasure of working in sales and customer service for the past 30 years in Australia. It’s incredible to see how much the industry has evolved over the years.

 At Techwell we want our customers to be raving fans. No, we are not a sports team, we are a  company that is passionate about creating advocates. We are proud to offer the best in sales, service and support, and we give customers solutions that are simple, effective, and that work for them in their business.

What is a raving fan?

When I think of raving fans I can’t go past the commitments of State of Origin fans. The Queensland Maroons have supporters who, after years and years of success, consistency & dedication continue to show their support.

I myself am a NSW Blues supporter. Even though it’s been awhile since they have won a series I continue to barrack for my team, I still bleed blue. Much like many other Blues crusaders I know they are trying their best and I’m still their advocate because of how hard they work to maybe one day win a series..pleeeease 😉

What are we doing differently?

I would like to think that Techwell are the Maroons of the current era, and we have a lot of very happy customers out there. We love our raving fans.

I want my customers to be able to call me and know that I can provide a fast, effective solution, or help with any issues they may have. This in turn will create advocates for Techwell. These customers will actively tell their friends, family and colleagues about the service we provide.

I listen to their needs, passions, highs and lows and I build rapport around these. I will always try achieve the outcome of exceeding the expectations of a customer. By using my training, product knowledge, the resources I have available to me, and most importantly my life skills I enjoy achieving our goal of creating raving fans.

We have a lot of passion within our Techwell family and if our clients can feel that we are giving 105%, trust what we say and know that we genuinely care about their business we will expect to receive referred customers. And, in business there is no better compliment. We have provided some pretty unforgettable experiences that we sure are proud of.

If you want the opportunity to speak with one of our team today get in contact with us. And, certainly don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Linkedin.

About Techwell

At Techwell, we help you streamline your technology, we install and maintain business phone systems, we work with you to build and implement cybersecurity solutions, we manage your IT and provide guidance with online sales strategies.

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