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Here at Techwell, we believe in today’s digital age Wi-Fi is an essential form of business communication. Not only is Wi-Fi advantageous for you and your customers but it will also assist in increasing your brand awareness.


In Office Advantages

Having Wi-Fi in your office or at your business site location has a number of productivity benefits and can also help save you money.

  • Mobility within the office: An internal Wi-Fi network means employees aren’t tethered to their desks to do excellent work. Internal Wi-Fi allows employees to work at their desk, in a conference room, or in any other location.
  • Increased collaboration: Because employees can be located anywhere in the office and still access key documents and information, they can work in teams or groups very efficiently. This can help increase productivity and ensure your staff are more empowered to do their work.
  • Simpler infrastructure: It’s easier to organise your staff in a wireless office. Wi-Fi means desk locations, the addition of new employees, and office layout are no longer dictated by expensive wires and cables. You may not get rid of cables entirely just yet, but relying on Wi-Fi can simplify your office setup significantly.


Benefits of Public Wi-Fi

Recent studies have shown that 60% of people say they cannot go without an internet connection for more than one day. Therefore, providing Wi-Fi access for customers to use when they are at your location can provide a host of benefits.

  • Marketing: On-site Wi-Fi that’s accessible to customers can have a positive effect on marketing your brand, products, and services. For example, you can require customers using your Wi-Fi network to sign-in via a splash page that showcases your expertise, services, and much more. You can also use your company name in the name of your Wi-Fi network to help build your brand.
  • Draw in customers: Offering Wi-Fi can result in increased foot traffic for businesses like restaurants and retail locations by attracting people who might not otherwise come in. Once they’ve come in the door, they will see your marketing materials and products – and they just might buy while they are there!
  • Customer engagement: Customer-facing businesses, such as stores, restaurants, and boutiques need to find ways to engage with customers to encourage them to visit more often, stay and make multiple purchases. Offering free Wi-Fi access to customers can increase the time people spend at your location and can significantly boost sales!


Implementing a new Wi-Fi solution can be the key to growing and enhancing your business to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance in this digital revolution.

Don’t hesitate if you want to hear more about your options. Contact us today on 1300 369 662, or check out our Wi-Fi solutions online.

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