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Enhanced Touch Screen IP Video Phone, LIP-9071
LIP-9071 is a high-end IP video phone with diverse UC features. iPECS platforms are integrated with LIP-9071 to support the iPECS UC solution and NFC tagging is provided for easy access to smart office solutions. This high-end videophone supports HD quality video and voice communications. LIP-9071 will give you a more effective work environment.
<Features and Benefits>
• 7 inch LCD with touchscreen
• HD video call
• 3-way audio conference
• MCID through XML service
• Built-in camera
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dongle support
• Built-in HDMI interface
• N FC tagging support
• 3rd party Android applications*
* Only Android 4.3 Jellybean compatible applications could be running with some limitations. For more details about limitations, please refer to
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