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Digital technologies have been transforming the way we connect with people all over the world for years, and the digital revolution is far from over. In recent times, new technology has created several opportunities and changed the way businesses can connect with their customers, informing and educating them along a path until they are ready to make a purchase.

Ad On Mobile has now officially been released in Australia and is a first for mobile advertising for business. To say there has been excitement around our office is a complete understatement. The main reasons for this excitement were because we know how much value this product will provide our customers.

So, strap yourself in, here is all you need to know about Ad On Mobile, Australia’s first mobile on hold marketing tool!

What is Ad On Mobile?

Ad On Mobile is a service allowing you to have a professionally recorded voiceover that advertises your products, services or special promotions to people who call your mobile. You can promote your business before you even answer your mobile.

Picture this… When someone calls your mobile, instead of just hearing ringing in their ear, they will listen to a customised message about your business, which prompts enquiry and educates them, all while they wait for you to answer!

Never before in Australia has there been a business that provides the opportunity to convert callers into customers and give them an insight into what makes individual companies great, all before you answer a call.

The service increases business revenue without anyone even lifting a finger. Hear it for yourself!

How does Ad On Mobile work?

Your order is shot over to the team at Ad On Mobile, who will give you a call to chat about your marketing requirements and the options available. The creative think tank will get to writing a range of caller tone messages suited to your business and package. Once you’ve approved the script, Ad On Mobile brings it to life in their recording studio before uploading them to your business mobile.

Once you’re ready to stand out from the crowd with Ad On Mobile, you can place your order by getting in touch with the team at Techwell, or you can order online.

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