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Ok, I lied, they’re not secrets, but they are foreign concepts to many.

Tom O’Toole said it, and said it best.
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the ‘EXTRA’! Do the little things well.”

It’s very easy to overlook the bread and butter gestures that achieve the greatest results in customer service. The very simple acts of good manners, proper communication and genuine compassion can really make a stunning difference to the way your customer rates you, and also, remembers you. At Techwell we take our customer service seriously.

Ever hear the phrase ‘good old-fashioned service’ on the radio? Well it’s safe to say there really is no substitute.

Eye contact
Undivided Attention
Active Listening

Think back to your last few customer interactions.
Did you do your best with all of the above points? I can certainly identify areas I’m yet to improve on. But in focusing my efforts to these key fundamentals of interaction, it’s plain to see the results it can generate.

Here’s my example
My case in point is a customer I did a phone system installation for in Lismore, late last year. Being a field technician, I sometimes have the unenviable task of working with customers that have had services cut off, and this was one such occasion. They were without internet (due to issues out of our hands) for 3 days until a temporary solution could be offered. From there, it was still another 10 days before their ADSL was reinstated.

What was the result?
They gave me an NPS score of 9. This customer had 3 days of zero productivity, and another 10 of limited abilities. Yes, one would hope some of this high score was attributed to the quality of the work I performed. But I believe a large portion is due to the customer service I delivered on what was a difficult situation.

Who knows, if I was better at maintaining eye contact, it could have even turned into a 10. If you would like to speak with a team who are truly passionate about providing unforgettable service contact Techwell today.

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