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Whilst there is a growing understanding within business owners that staying up to date with the latest technology, software and hardware, can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, there is still much to learn about protecting your business from cyber attacks. 

According to a study conducted by the University of Maryland, a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds. Now is the time to stand up, take notice and secure your organisation. 

Cyberattacks can ruin the integrity of your data, they are a costly expense and they can ruin your business’s reputation.

As a business owner, you need the right tools and services to remain protected from cybercrime. Here are the five ways that the Microsoft 365 E5 package can keep you secure:


1. Encrypting all communications to keep your data safe

The Microsoft 365 E5 security package protects the integrity of your data and communications, by using tools to encrypt all messages sent through Office programs and data files. 

The Azure Information Protection program allows your business to classify data based on sensitivity and importance. It automatically assigns the proper protections to suit that level of data. 

With both Microsoft 365 E5 and Microsoft Azure, you will never have to worry about your communications and data being compromised.


2. Integration to all Office 365 Apps

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many Australian businesses to change their working environments, with more employees working remotely. 

Whilst packages such as Office 365 provide employees with all the programs they need to work from any location, they do not possess the necessary controls to work safely.

The Microsoft 365 E5 package provides in-depth analytics on all programs and applications, by identifying, examining, and defending against any potential cyberattacks.

This package also allows you to monitor and control, in real-time, the travel of data within your business.

Microsoft 365 is compatible with all Office 365 apps, so you can rest assured that your whole business and operation is secure.


3. Includes Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is an exclusive feature of Microsoft 365 E5, designed to protect your business against any cyber threat that uses email messages, links, or collaboration tools to attack your business. 

Microsoft Defender uses the three-aspect approach of letting you define your own threat-protection policies, monitor real-time reports, and investigate automated threats and response capabilities that have been identified by Microsoft Defender.


4. The Azure Information Protection program included

The Azure Information Protection program has numerous benefits that can be used by businesses of any size.

  1. Define who can access data and limit what every individual employee can view and access with their level.
  2. Track activity on data that has been shared, and revoke employee access quickly and easily
  3. Protection and classification of your data, so it remains secure no matter where it goes
  4. Streamline your IT process by sorting data based on usage by the team or on suggestions from security experts.


5. Cyber Security training for your Employees 

Microsoft 365 E5 is the perfect tool to keep all employees up to date with the best security practices. Your employees are the first line of defence against cybercrime and are often the best defence for your business. 

Studies on cybersecurity events show that between 70 and 90% of data breaches are caused by simple employee error. Therefore, educating your employees with the most recent cyber security practices is crucial.

Microsoft 365 E5 allows companies to monitor easily and effectively who is viewing and accessing your data, meaning that you will always be able to identify if employees are behaving in a way that may expose your organisation to a cyberattack.  


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