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5 things to consider before you relocate your office

Relocating to a new office presents an exciting chance to enhance your small business. An office with new infrastructure and capabilities can boost employee productivity and business efficiency and minimise your move-in and set-up costs. It can also create an opportunity to leverage new technologies. Every business has its own unique needs and priorities, but a technology checklist can help you before you move your office.


Check connectivity and cabling at the new address

With NBN being rolled out around the country, businesses are taking up the advantages of faster internet speeds and more reliable internet to excel their business into the digital age. In saying this, checking what is available at your new address, how long it will take to implement and what cabling you have internally of the building is absolutely critical to ensure a smooth transition.


Give service Providers ample notice

One of the most common issues businesses face during an office move is the amount of notice needed to relocate their internet and telephone services. Most telephone providers will need to be notified a minimum of three months in advance to ensure you’re up and running on day one.

Many businesses discover this when it’s too late – making for a very stressful lead-up to the move. Internet providers can also require up to three months’ notice.


Create an inventory and migration plan

Take the time to assess your setup and take an inventory of your current equipment before the relocation. This will ensure you have a clear idea of what needs to be moved, and what needs to stay. During a move, this document can extend into a migration planning document, indicating which workstation the item needs to be moved to. With a clear overview of all property, you will be able to check off items as they arrive at the new space – ensuring no equipment disappears.


Stage the move

If your business has multiple teams or departments that are business critical, we recommend staggering your move across two days, or separate weekends.

Ensure that you consult with your Business Technology Advisor to ensure your plans meet what is possible with your telecommunications providers.


Get everything set up before the move and test, test, test

If you haven’t moved office before, it can be confusing to determine which items should be moved over first. Your first item should be to consult your Business Technology Advisor to determine the best course of action.

One of the simplest ways to avoid unnecessary downtime throughout your move is to test the space before the wider team is relocated. From connectivity to health and safety compliance, this process will give you a heads up on any issues that need to be tackled, minimising last minute hassles on the day.

There will always be unforeseen challenges during an office relocation – it’s the nature of the project. Even so, with businesses, like Techwell and the expertise of our Business Technology Advisors your business will push through the move without a minute of slowdown.

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