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Every missed call is potentially a lost business opportunity. Whether you are running a business with a small phone system or a multiple line configuration, there are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t miss any important messages.


Set up your call forward feature

Nobody can be at their desk 24/7. There are always going to be situations where you may need to step away from the office, so be prepared. Set up your call forwarding feature from your office phone so you are ready for all occasions.

Call forwarding allows users to redirect calls from fixed lines to most numbers in Australia, including mobiles, paging and answering services. There are different types of Call Forwarding:

Call Forward Immediate – forwards all calls to another number. The phone will not ring when activated, but you are still able to make outbound calls.

Call Forward No Answer – forwards unanswered calls.

Call Forward on Busy – forwards calls when the phone is busy or engaged.

Call Forward Selected Callers – enables you to choose which incoming calls are to be forwarded.


Activate voice to text

Be more efficient with voice to text services, which automatically convert compatible voice messages to text and sends them straight to your mobile as an SMS. Voice to text is:

Time-saving – SMS message notifications save you from dialing 101 to access your voice messages.

Efficient – Save important messages and phone numbers directly to your mobile phone. Messages are attached to the caller’s number for easy access to call or text back.

Convenient – Read messages discreetly in meetings or at noisy locations.

Flexible – Retain the ability to dial 101 to listen to your voice messages.


Make sure your ring time is long enough  

How annoying is it to be sent to a messaging service after only three rings? Don’t put your potential customers through it! Extending your ring time will also enable you to get to those important calls on time.

Telstra phones can follow the following steps.

From the mobile:

Step 1: Key in the following code in your phone, * * 61 * 1 0 1 * * (number of seconds 15, 20,25 or 30) # and press SEND/CALL.You can enter * * 0 0 4 * 1 0 1 # to set or restore all three conditional call forwarding settings (Busy, No Answer, No Reply) to Mobile MessageBank simultaneously. This code will set the default ring time of 15 seconds.

From the fixed line:

Step 1: Pick up the phone and press * 99.

Step 2: Enter the number of seconds you wish the phone to ring before a call is diverted (between 5 and 60 seconds).

Step 3: Press # and hang up.


Personalised message service –  Ad On Hold

Ad On Hold is Telstra’s message on hold solution that allows access to fully customised, professional advertisements that will play to your customers waiting on hold. Messages include professional prompts, after hour’s messages, and much more.

Ad On Hold:

Manages your call traffic by having an inbuilt ‘receptionist’ to answer, hold and distribute professionally recorded calls.

Promoting your business is a better use of ‘dead’ time while the customer is on hold.

Creating a professional image is everything in business. Having a professional Ad On Hold makes the business sound professional, especially for small business offices. This is important for callers that have never dealt with the organisation (first impressions count).

Ad On Hold are experts at designing custom messages.

The new changeable packages available now, allow you the flexibility to change your messages when you need.


For small to medium-sized businesses looking to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, inform their customers about new products and services and create a professional image of their business, Ad on hold helps do all this from the first contact.  While customers are on hold on your Ad on Hold provides you with professionally produced messages designed to stimulate interest in your business and provokes inquiry.

Get in touch with the team at Techwell for a range of solutions, including Ad On Hold.


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