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Webinars have been around for years, but recently everywhere I look organisations are offering webinars to their potential and existing customers. With marketing teams advocating this medium as a way to entice leads and grow business it’s absolutely time for all small to medium businesses to jump on the webinar train.

Embracing a new concept can be daunting for business owners, not to mention even being able to find the time to plan for a successful webinar. Here are my top tips for planning, promoting and hosting your next (or first) webinar.

Plan, plan, plan

Your webinar should be seen as a project. Make a plan for the weeks leading up to the webinar and post the webinar. My go-to guide for this is from Jessica Vionas-Singer at Inbound Conference 2016.

Create engaging slides

Remember that the goal is to have your attendees glued to your slides throughout your presentation. Create engaging content, that reinforces your brand. Don’t use too much text, keep things punchy and image heavy.

Promote your webinar through social channels

If your webinar is open to the public to attend then create a Facebook ad and boost it for a week or two leading up to the webinar. If it is only for a particular group of attendees target these people through Facebook customer audience advertising this will allow you to find the people in your contact list on Facebook and your ad will appear in their news feed.

Have more than one speaker

Audiences engage a whole lot more when the webinar isn’t just run by one person’s monologue. 2 speakers can play off each other and bring different strengths and points of view to a webinar. Think about your audience and your message before you pick these people.

Try out different types of media

Have you got a video you can show? Can you use screenshots or share your screen to show a live demo.

Practice makes perfect

Always have at least one practice run. The smoother your webinar flows, with as little hiccups as possible the more your audience will stick around.

Make time for questions

Your audience will be more likely to use the question chat feature than to speak out loud. Make sure your webinar software allows this.

Do your research

Many companies that run successful webinars will post their recordings on line. Check out our most recent webinar for some guidance.

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